Sheikh Zakzaky at the joint Sisters and Academic Fora Conference : Islamic revolution is the only solution to Nigeria

Sunday 1st September, 2013, marked the end of the annual joint sisters and academic fora conference held in katsina.

Sheikh Ibrahim Yaquob Zakzaky (H) the leader of Islamic Movement in Nigeria was the speaker at the event, which held at Ibrahim Shehu Shema conference hall, local government service commission, Katsina State.

The program commenced with a prayer by Malam Yaqoub Yahya followed by recitation of some qur’anic verses by Malam Shu'aibu Ahmad, while Dr. Abdul'aziz Ahmad Mashi chaired the event.

Sheikh Zakzaky began with a brief history of the Islamic movement in Nigeria which was originated 33 years back, when this society had turned back from the teachings of Sheikh Usman Bin Fodio after the colonials came in and colonized the society, and also equipped rulers in such a way that they will be misleading the society.

He stated that Nigerians believe that this country is not stabilized (things are not moving like the way the suppose to), nothing is progressing in this country, but the point of argument is what should be the solution, some believe that there is no any hope for this Nation, our solution is some people must sacrifice their lives even if the sacrifice would be like that of the people of Zambia and South Africa who succeeded in driving the colonists out of their countries.

Sheikh mentioned that, the Iranian Islamic revolution is the best solution to Nigeria and the world in general, that is the reason why the west have tried by all means to make sure that the real story of the revolution and it's ideology is not exported to other Islamic countries.

He elaborated that, the Islamic movement is a variable principle that developed based on time and condition, our progression doesn’t means that we have change from the path, we cannot sacrifice our live for our country (patriotism) because the country have nothing to pay us back with neither here (present world) nor in the hereafter, but sacrificing oneself is the best way a person can meet his creator because Allah is the creator of his live and everything.

Shaikh zakzaky also answer some questions from the audience and made the closing prayer as well.