Sheikh Zakzaky (H) enumerates the miracle of Qur’an

On Sunday 18th august 2013, (12 shawwal 1434) the annual Qur’anic graduation ceremony of the Rijiyar Lemo Fudiyya student commenced in Kano state. The leader of the Islamic movement in Nigeria, Sheikh Ibrahim zakzaky was the guest speaker at the event. The ceremony began in the early morning, at around 9:00 pm, at the well known ‘Filin Dalar Gyada’, Katsina Road. After opening prayer as well as recitation of some Qur’anic verses, members of the ‘Ittihadus Shu’ara’ entertained attendees with Islamic songs. The headmaster of the school, malam Awwal S. Abubakar mentioned in his brief speech that they had achieved success, due to the fact that the school graduated about 90 students from the beginning to date. 28 students graduated this year. Allaramma Gwani Ali dan koki was the renowned Qur’anic master that examined the memorization standard of the students. While delivering his speech, Sheikh Zakzaky began to expressed gratitude to Almighty Allah for successful Ramadan fasting and Eidl- Fitr. He stated the virtues and perfection of the holy Qur’an, how it differs with every other book in the world history. All of books can be tempered with excluding the holy Qur’an. The revered Islamic movement leader cited some examples of how the Arab people tried to come-up with something similar to Qur’an, but unsuccessful. He also stressed on the miracles of the holy book, that whenever a Jew says that he wants to die, he will die instantly. Sheikh expressed the high position of Qur’anic memorization. At the same time, He urged the public on understanding the other part of Qur’an ‘Idlul Qur’an’, the household of the holy Prophet (S). Finally, Sheikh Ibrahim Zakzaky (H) presented gifts to the students, in which he also gave a personal gift to them.