Sheikh Zakzaky is in Aggravate Health Condition

By: U. S. Adam

It's more than a year since the genocide committed on members of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria by the Nigerian Army under the Buhari administration.

The genocide which resulted to the killings of 1000+ members of the Movement including women and children, several casualties and the illegal detention of 300+ members of the Movement including its leader Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky (H) and his wife Malama Zeenatuddeen Ibraheem, with various degrees of injuries without proper medical attention.

Peaceful protests were held globally in demand for the immediate release of the oppressed leader for medical attention; papers were submitted to National Human Rights Commission, Nigerian Senate and National Assembly and various organizations all in that regard. But nothing is done yet, and his health condition keeps worsening on daily basis. Sheikh Zakzaky lost one of his eyes while in detention and he is about to lose his sight completely if not given a proper medication.

If president Muhammadu Buhari can seek medical attention abroad without attending any hospital in Nigeria or been attained by an indigenous medical professionals, why would Sheikh Zakzaky be denied after the indigenous medical professionals have done to their limit and even suggested for the overseas medical attention for him?

The message of #Zaria_massacre have reached various places in the globe but only few humanitarians engage in the call for Sheikh Zakzaky’s freedom.

Justice Kolawole of the Federal High Court in Abuja have ordered for Sheikh’s release since December last year and declared his detention as illegal, but the stubborn Nigerian Government have turned dumb ears on the order, as if the court agreed and ordered for the continuation of his detention.

Let's shun out our differences and put Humanity first, let's join hands for the #FreedomForSheikhZakzaky who sacrifices all he have for peace and humanity.

We are writing history as we live; let the future remember us for our effort in fighting injustice and siding with the oppressed, not for knowing the truth and sitting without doing anything.

#ObeyCourtOrder &