Sheikh Zakzaky’s Freedom, a great victory for Muslims

Nigerian student studying at al-Mustafa International University of Mashhad said, “Nigerian Court issued the order to release Sheikh Zakzaky and this is a great victory”.

Among Razavi pilgrims, in a special programme commemorating Nigerian Shia Martyrs, Bin Isa said, “Although Sheikh Zakzaky will be liberated, he will still be surrounded by those who are far from humane ethics and he may be harmed by them once more”. Shia martyrs were killed by the Nigerian army in a vicious attack leading to detention of Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky.

Noting that Sheikh Zakzaky’s release order has no meaning but Muslims victory against arrogant powers, he stated, “Killing Nigerian people by the army proved the innocence of the household of the Apostle of God (S) companions once more.

Saying that Nigerian army will violate the court order whenever it likes, the seminary student said, “Islam’s enemies have always tried to depict Shia people and Nigerian Shias as those who are a threat to security”.

In this ceremony which was attended by some Nigerians living in Mashhad, Razavi pilgrims recited fatiha in memory of martyrs of Nigerian Shia Muslims killed on the birth anniversary of Prophet (S) in Zaria region of Nigeria.


Source : Astan Razav