Sheikh Musal-Qasiyuni tasks Muslims on Unity, Slams those supporting Zaria killings

Sheikh Musal Qasiyuni Sheikh Nasiru Kabara, was a household name for all the followers of Islamic scholarship in northern Nigeria and neighboring countries, Sheikh Qasiyuni is a Sheikh of Qadiriyyah Tariqah based in Kano, and son of famous Sheikh Nasiru al-Kabari the great exponent of Qadiriyyah order in West Africa.

Sheikh Qasiyuni draws the attention of Muslims in Nigeria, on the recent dust of sectarianism sprayed by some mischievous element in the name of protecting the rights of Sahaba (Companions), that it is a grand plot by enemies of Islam and Muslims (U.S and Israel) and co-sponsored by Wahabi Saudi Kingdom. he further give an instance with the current happenings in Syria, Iraq and plight of Palestinians,which is the result of unholy alliances of those Nations.

Sheikh Qasiyuni cites an example on how, some hidden faces are using social media to fuel sectarian tensions between Muslims, in the name of Sunnism against Shiism, Sheikh Qasiyuni slams those that are supporting the Zaria killings, which targeted more than 1000 members of Islamic Movement, as heartless and un-Islamic, he said this people are Muslims, they have attested the kalimatain Shahada (There's no god but Allah and prophet Muhammad is his slave and messenger) automatically they are Muslims they have all the rights and privileges enjoined by any Muslim.

In a short audio clip, on his speech in maulud programme, the Sheikh preached unity among Muslims against common enemy the west are our real enemies not Shi'as he said.

At last the Sheikh encouraged mutual understanding between followers of various Islamic denominations, he said that's the only force of Islam against our enemies.

Rendered by Shareef Kunti