"The Policeman cannot be the prosecutor, the court and the executioner all in one. His responsibility is just prosecution, but not execution of the law. However in this case, they just arrest and convict, then shoot! That is all. Who gave them that right to sentence and execute? Even the President or the governor thinks he can just sentence to death and execute. He does not have that right, even according to the laws he swore an oath to abide by. On the day of oath taking, he has sworn that he would deal with all manners of people justice, irrespective of their faiths, according to the law. These are words he swore with Qur’an to uphold. "To just kill someone with impunity is not according to law, irrespective of whose laws it is. There is no law that says anybody should be shot extra-judicially or that any President can give an order for somebody to be killed with impunity. He would simply be committing murder. That is not according to the law. Thus, whether you are a governor or a president or military or police commander and you just give an order for someone to be shot, then you have committed murder. You are not acting according to the law. And don’t take murder lightly. "In a Hadith Qudsi, Allah said if I were to be asked to choose between killing a single soul (Note that He said a soul, any soul and not only the soul of the believer) and destroying heavens and earth, I would have chosen destruction of the heavens and earth rather than to kill a single soul. This because I created the soul and decreed that once killed I would not bring it back to life until the day of Judgement while the haevens and earth by My powers, I would reconstruct. Similarly, the Prophet (S) looked at the Ka’aba and said how exalted are you Ka’aba? God has exalted you but the soul of a single believer is more exalted. Thus, if one were to be given an option between destroying the Ka’aba, one would rather choose destruction of the Ka’aba. This is so because the Ka’aba could be reconstructed but the soul can’t be brought back to life once killed. Furthermore God said: Whosoever kills any soul unjustly, will have a recompense of Hell, wherein he would dwell eternally, and God is annoyed with him, and He (God) has prepared for him a severe punishment. This suggests that beyond Hell, there is a sterner punishment. So, killing someone is not a simple sin. "Traditionally, our people believe that whoever kills someone would never depart this world peacefully. When I was a school teacher in one village, there was an unknown man; I can’t remember what he was called. He was not from that village. He just lived in the village and nobody knew where he came from. He was quite huge. One of two female colleague teachers used to even say he was handsome. It looked as if he had a psychiatric illness and doesn’t talk to anyone. If the villagers call his name, he would only smile and move on. One day, the headmaster said he heard him saying; “it was us who killed that man” So it was murder he committed somewhere else. "Even during the civil war of 1966 when people went on widespread killings based on tribal sentiments, those that participated in indiscriminate killings did not have a good end to their lives. That we witnessed with our own eyes. Someone told me a story of somebody who used to slaughter people to lick their blood for ritual purposes, and he slaughtered 5 people. I asked him if he knew him well and he affirmed that the man was a former railway worker. So I asked him how the end to his life was. He told me that he certainly had a harrowing end. That is what happens irrespective of whose blood you shed. Those that killed the Igbos didn’t have a good end to their own lives. So, we don’t know how now people lightly promote mass murder. This is what some now preach in mosques! They call for bloodshed and killings. This is Satanism. Certainly this is not the religion brought by the Prophet of God (S). "MURDER IS A GRAVE SIN."