Sheikh Adamu Tsoho Jos led a team to visit Shehu Abdullahi Fodio (TR)

On Sunday 13th March, 2016 after the yearly Shehu Abdullahi Fodio (TR)
maulud in Gwandu and Birnin Kebbi organized by the Resource forum of
the Islamic movement in Nigeria, Birnin Kebbi branch, Shaikh Adamu
Tsoho Jos lead dignitaries to ziyarat of the resting place of Shehu
Abdullahi Fodio (TR) and some Alims among whom include that of his son
Khalid bin Abdullahi Fodio, Imam Zangi and Ladan Kwairanga.
Prayers were offered and Shaikh Adamu gave a short speech to those
that came for the ziyarat encouraging its continuity time after time.
In one of the tomb site a shadow of a branch of a tree is seen
inscribing Allah in Arabic.

Muhammad Isa Ahmad.