The Sham in Boko Haram New Video

By U. S. Adam

Nigerian Government during different regimes have no mission other than to eliminate the leader of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria, Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky (H) and wiping out his peaceful movement by all means. The agenda is been succeeded from one President to the other.
Many presidents have tried to accomplished that colonist mission but have failed. Some have got to the extent of imprisoning the Sheikh and killing some of his members, others have even killed his 3 biological sons.

In the recent 5 or 6 years the imperialism and its puppets have added more pressure to accomplish the mission because of their proposed "New Scramble for Africa" and the "New World Order" agendas, Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky and his movement in general are the only threat to hinder these mission.

The western imperialism have created the so called "Boko Haram" for their cover-up operations in West African countries and particularly Nigeria.
Sheikh Zakzaky in his several speeches have tried in convincing the general public about the conspiracy behind the Boko Haram sham. And that make him their prime target since the beginning of the scam operation.

In December 2015, the Nigerian Army launched an attack on the members of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria and killed over 1,000 members of the movement including additional 3 biological sons of the leader of the movement, and fatally injured the leader and his wife. And since then was kept in detention illegally by DSS without proper medical attention.
They went to his house to kill him but Allah save his life, as he said prior to The attack "Only Allah can save me".
They did not desist from the mission, keeping him without proper medical attention is also another method to end him silently.
And now they come up with another deception where Boko Haram releases a video threatening Sheikh Zakzaky's life and Islamic movement, so that they will kill him, mount bombs on his followers during the Ashura gatherings and relate it to Boko Haram. We know there is nothing like Boko Haram at all.
Boko Haram is just a new secret department under the Nigerian Army, you know where you are hiding the 'Shekau', 'ChibokGirls', 'OurZariaGirls' and a lots of our brothers.
Shekau receives commands from you to release a video when ever you like.

You can fool only people without direction but not the people with knowledge, wisdom, insight and sound reasoning.

The Boko Haram that launched an attack on the members of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria in December 2015 and killed over 1,000 of its members under the false flag of 'Road blockade' are the same Boko Haram that release the new video threatening the life of Sheikh Zakzaky again.

We call on our brothers in humanity globally to stage more protests to save the life of our oppressed leader Sheikh Zakzaky (H). Together we can save his life. Our silence against this oppression is the worst oppression! Let's stand against the western imperialism! Let's stand for justice!

#Free_Sheikh_Zakzaky Now and Alive