Security Forces, Plotting Massacre of Members of IMN in Jos.

The restive city of Jos witnessed yet another flow of Security forces, but this time around not on fear of Religious or tribal clashes, but as an attempt by the security to clampdown the activities of members of Islamic movement in Nigeria based in Jos.

The joint plot by J.N.I and state government to stop the 25 years old peacful pre-Khutbah, virtually started last week Friday after the prayers, the envoys of J.N.I delivered an order stopping the activities of members of Islamic movement in Nigeria, to the Ameer of Jos Malam Adamu Tsoho.

Muslims in Jos for years have been the victims of state oppression from majority Christian authority, which include sometimes back in November 2008 killing of more than 500 Muslims by Mobile Police Force on the order of the then Governor Jonah D Jang, to our surprise J.N.I the body responsible for Unity of Muslims from all denominations among other things, is working with another Christian governor to clamp down on fellow Muslims, on ground of some differences.
On this pitiful Friday hundreds of trigger happy security operatives are clearly visible on all corners of Jos central Mosque, they consist of J.T.F which is combination of Soldiers, Police and Civil defence officers, DSS operatives, local vigilante and J.N.I guards, all waiting for the members of Islamic movement to emerge for their usual Pre-Khutbah.

We received blueprint from sources, that the operatives are on command to killed anybody that appears there for Pre-Khutbah, as visibly can be seen an Armoured Personal Carrier is deployed in the very place where Pre-Khutbah is been carried place for years. Members of Islamic movement have avoid the occurrence of Zaria style massacre, by not appearing there.
We are calling the attention of concerned bodies on the recent plights of members of the Islamic movement in Nigeria, we are citizens of Nigeria, we have the fundamental right to live and condone our religious gatherings everywhere and anytime.

At last we are reminding the Nigerian government to unconditionally free our leader his wife and our brothers, we want the bodies of our slain brothers for proper Islamic burial, and we must be compensated for all our properties destroyed or looted.
May Allah protect our leader Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky and our brothers and may Allah destroy the forces of tyranny and oppression throughout the world and my He hasten the appearance of our master the Imam of Time (a.j).

God Protect Zakzaky.