Twice I have been shocked lately ,
first by the Sheikh Ra’ed Salah; the
Sheikh of al Aqsa -as he likes to be
called- and second by a person
called Laura , a new convert to Islam.
In both cases the problem that I
faced was none other than sectarian
Islam and NGO . The notorious
Sheikh Raed Salah had succeeded
for many years in deceiving us by
projecting the image of a committed
person , a religious reference
defending fiercely al Aqsa and
rallying people for this cause all over
the world ; the image of a passenger
on the Mavi Marmara who exposed
his life and was about to get killed ,
of a prisoner incarcerated constantly
by Israelis.
I feared for Sheikh Raed Salah , I
feared for his life and for his
freedom and considered him a
symbol of the Resistance in the
occupied Palestinian territory . Never
the idea would have occurred to me
that the Sheikh was a hired NGO, a
person promoting –above all-his own
self in order to sell his stands in the
Turkish and Qatari markets at a the
highest price. He had fallen even
lower than Azmi Beshara, who had
also defected from Palestine to Qatar
to join the prince of Qatar and
Sheikha Moza in their “dubious ”
endeavors ; what an end for the
leftist intellectual that he posed for!
As for the sheikh Raed Salah he
reserved us a special surprise when
he started -from Palestine and
Turkey- rallying against Syria and
calling for liberating Damascus as if
Palestine had already been
liberated .The Sheikh was just
playing the sectarian card , the
winning card that Qaradawi had
played before him ,calling – like
Qaradawi -for division and for civil
war in Syria , siding with NATO and
the western establishment and
Israel , waging enmity to the country
that hosts half a million of refugees ,
the country that hosted for years the
leaders of HAMAS where they were
welcomed and honored and catered
Shame on such a Sheikh who forgot
Palestine and forgot Israel that has
usurped his country and village, to
call for war on Syria under the
pretext that Assad is a dictator
depriving Sunnis from the rule !
Where is Palestine from all this and
where are Palestinians and where is
the Resistance and where is the
struggle and where is religion ?
There is nothing in here except utter
sectarianism that serves best the
world order and Israel .
As for Laura the new convert to
Islam, her story is the saddest of
stories for -while she thought she
had converted to Islam- she had
actually converted to sectarianism
which meant that she would never
know what true Islam is . The
converted lady that seems a
respectable person –-wants -like
Sheikh Raed Salah – the Sunnis to
rule Syria , it does not matter who
are the Sunnis who would rule-
whether they are good or bad-as
long as they get to rule, and for this
there is need to overthrow Assad
and create all this havoc .
Long live the Sunnis ! This is what
the new convert understands by
Islam which is a total misconception
of religion and a total
misunderstanding of Islam .
Sectarianism is not Islam , it is
Islam as conceived by the
Intelligence Services of the western
establishment , it is Islam as
conceived by the enemies of Islam,
by the enemies of Arabs and
Palestinians . Sectarianism is the
Islam prepared especially to the
taste of NGOs whose goal is to
distort the religion and everything
that relates to it and to replace it by
its fake projection so as to get an
Islam that compromises and
normalizes with the state of Israel .
This Islam waged by Secret Services
and NGOs is neither Sunni nor Shi’a
because Sunni and Shi’s are not
exclusive of one another but
complement each other in every
respect . This is nothing but
sectarian Islam that seeks the
destruction of religion to make it co
exist with Israel for which true
committed Islam represents a real
threat . Sectarianism is nothing but
the liquidation of the Palestinian
and Arab cause at the hands of
Zionists and their clientele all over
the world .
He who does not recognize Islam as
the religion of unity and solidarity
and commitment that transgresses
all differences will never know what
Islam is, for Islam is something that
will never-under any circumstance-
coexist with something called Israel .
Let this be known to all sectarians-
like Sheikh Raed Salah and the new
convert Laura -who want to
undermine the Resistance seeking a
compromise with Israel at the
expense of religion .