Sayyidah Zahra's birthday was organized for Fudiyya students in Kaduna

On 5 june 2013, members of the islamic movement in Nigeria, Kaduna zone, marked the maulud of Sayyada Zahra (SA) specifically for Fudiyya schools children, the program took place at PIXY-DIXY (GALAXY) opposite Sir Kashim Ibraheem house (government house) Kaduna. The program comprises of several event that includes; playing hours, songs, debates, parades and lecture about Sayyada Zahra (SA) among others. The program started with inter-schools debates competition, titled: the rewards for education development, followed by parade by some selected fodiyya schools to entertain guest. Malam Mukhtar Sahabi was introduced by Malam Aliyu Tirmidhi to the podium for his lecture about Sayyida Zahra (SA). He began with praising Allah (T) and congratulates the public on the occassion. The guest lecturer quoted Imam Khomeini's declaration which stated that "The birthday of Sayyida Zahra (SA) is for the entire women of the world’’. He added, "although Sayyida's (SA ) information were hidden , her narrations were hijacked and buried due to selfishness, but Allah with His  infinite mercy blessed us with vital information about her. Different verses of the holy Quar’an clearly defined her dignities, like the verse of MUBAHALA." He further explained that, prophet Muhammad (SAWA) was commanded by Allah to respect Her (SA), He (SAWA) was reported to have said ‘’ Fatima is my soul and what she ever accept is my command’’ she was the same person that was hated in a higher way after she lost her father (SAWA), they try to dig her out of grave, took away everything for her even her heritage. These are some information’s hidden for knowledge seekers not to discover anything about her. After the lectures, children went to the playground (Phoenix).