Sayyid Zakzaky (H) suggests solution to Nigerian problem

On the 9th february 2013, body of the resource forum, under the umbrella of Islamic movement in Nigeria, organized its annual maulud celebration at the Arewa house auditorium in Kaduna state.
The event was chaired by Sheikh Muhammad Mahmud Turi, which began with an opening prayer by Sheikh Halliru Maraya, Quranic recitation by Mal. Awwal Tudun Wada as well as Ziyarah recitation by Mal. Sameer Yusuf.
Dr. Abdullahi Dan Ladi conducted the opening remark by listing various mauluds celebration (Prophet's birthday) in the year, he said that they are lucky enough that their forum's event ends the year series of maulud. He then introduced sheikh Zakzaky to the podium.
Sayyid Zakzaky choose "Prophet Muhammad as our role model" to be the topic of his lecture. He said Prophet Muhammad (S) was sent at the most appropriate time. The kind of message the prophet brought to us cannot be found neither in Christianity nor in Jewish holy books. Because the real Hebrew bible (for the Jewish also known as Al-taurat) and the bible for the Christians was different from the Prophet's revelation. They completely changed almost every aspect in their holy books. Judaism was been restricted to or related to a race, they even claim that they are God chosen while Christianity was not restricted to or related to a race but they also made a lot of changes due to personal selfishness.
The revered leader said before the emergence of the Prophet was born the world at that time was controlled by two major empires; the Roman and Persian empires but fortunately the Prophet (S) was raised from neither of this empires, that was a great advantage that helps in the spreading the cause of Islam, because if the Prophet was raised from either of these empires for instance; if he appeared in a nation under the roman empire the Religion will be restricted to the roman this will lead misunderstanding of the Prophet's message from Persians likewise if He (S) appeared under Persian empire the religion will still be restricted to Persians. Jaziratul Arab was controlled by neither of this empires, The Meccans own different system of governance. Major leaders in their own systems include the sheikh of the clan and the sayyeed of the clan which both have their own different role in ruling their clan.
The Arabs Where the descendant of prophet Ibraheem (A.S) also they were initially following the religion of Prophet Ibraheem (as) but with time the real teachings of prophet Ibraheem (as) vanished just like the Christian and the Jews changed theirs; The Arabs still have some good cultures which in some case they over exaggerated some aspects of morality. For instance they respect honest people and disrespect the untruthful. And they also have bad ideas and cultures for instance they solve their problem with swords (Survival of the fittest).
The Prophet before he was assigned a messenger has a great reputation by his people, in fact he was called Al-sadiq (the Truthful) and Al-ameen (the trustworthy). After His (s) religious declaration, at the time that it is not everybody that has the ability to call a crowd but a charismatic person, but immediately after the Prophet (s) made a public declaration of being a messenger of Allah and what Allah sent him to do, everybody was left with no option but to believe if not because of Abu Jahl. This message was nothing but 'La ilaha ilallah'. Off course if they were to be asked who created the heaven and the earth they will all say Allah but they argue about following no one but Allah.
The Message of the Prophet (S) is unique, the religion of the Prophet Muhammad (S) consists some features that are not common with the other Prophets religions, for example Islam will never be vanished and the Qur'an can never be changed, one of the miracles of the Qur'an is that it's language can never be outdated, the real translation of the Qur'an can never be vanished. Other religions were given the responsibility of protecting their own holy books. And again this religion will never lack people that practice it even if their population is low.
Sayyid Zakzaky furthermore said, if we review our current situation as the Muslims we will find out that our situation now is similar to that of the arabs before the emergence of the holy Prophet (S). Those powerful empires at that time can now be described as the present Northern and Western region
Religion is been misused as an instrument of achieving illegitimate goals, but the religion is not for that purpose. The superpowers of both the north and West now are using Islam as a tool to accomplish their goals.
Islam is not something we inherit like culture but it is a belief, you choose to be a Muslim willingly not automatically.
Formally we were been colonized by the colonialist with the address of colonization but now we are experiencing a new method of exploitation; they claim that they are coming to establish peace that we lack but the real reason is that they are coming for nothing but for our resources. The west declared Islam as their enemy because they know the only solution to this current situation is Islam this is why they are trying to destroy the reputation of Islam by associating it with terrorism and its kind.
Now, what is the solution to our current situation? Off course we need change but how? Can this change be made just over a night without any effort, Nigeria Republic turns to Islamic Republic? Or are we expecting this change to be made by whom other than us? We keep on hoping that one day our oppressors will make this change for us. An oppressor turns to a savior? People keep on wishing for the corrupted to reform everything. If all these are possible that means we are better than the Prophet (S) Himself since He suffered before establishing an islamic government. There is a required effort we need to do before we expect any reinforcement from Allah. We are to do this work ourselves and we shouldn't wait for this work to do itself.
In conclusion, Sayyid (H) expressed that there is hope because everything is about to change by all indications. By the will of Allah this religion will come back the way it was during the era of the Prophet (S).