The Revolution Egypt Needs !

Thus ends “Islamic Revolution lite.”
Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi
has fallen in a coup d’état. Morsi’s
demise marks the end of the Muslim
Brotherhood’s failed strategy of
accommodation with the West.
Nobody denies that the majority of
Egyptians wants Islamic governance
. Nobody denies that President Morsi
won Egypt’s first-ever free and fair
But Egypt’s Western-backed
secularist comprador elite was not
ready for real democracy. They were
not willing to accept the results of
free and fair elections. So with the
help of their Western paymasters,
they hamstrung Egypt’s economy,
pointed the finger of blame at Morsi,
duped impressionable young people
into flooding the streets, and
engineered a coup d’état.
The anti-Morsi coup has strangled
Egypt’s democracy in its cradle.
It may also have ended the Muslim
Brotherhood’s misguided, hopeless
attempt to Islamize Egyptian society
while remaining in the Western
Morsi and the Muslim Brotherhood
made a terrible mistake by forging
an alliance with the West and its
regional puppets. The Brotherhood
has become a tool of the Zionist-
dominated West, which seeks to
divide and conquer the Middle East
by fomenting a sectarian civil war
between Sunni and Shia Muslims.
Shaykh Yusuf al-Qaradawi, once a
respected Brotherhood intellectual,
has disgraced himself by becoming a
spokesman for Zionist-instigated,
Saudi-assisted anti-Shia
Perhaps President Morsi thought
that if he accepted the West’s
dictates to join their war on Syria,
keep the Gaza border closed,
maintain the Camp David “surrender
treaty,” enslave future generations of
Egyptians to the International
Monetary Fund, and let the Egyptian
Army continue to rule as it did
under Mubarak, he would be allowed
to add a bit more shariah to the
Egyptian civil code.
It was a devil’s bargain to begin
with. And the devil did not even
keep the bargain.
President Morsi and the Muslim
Brotherhood need to go back and
study the works of the Ayatollah
Ruhollah Khomeini, the father of the
political Islamic awakening that is
shaking the globe.
Ayatollah Khomeini insisted that
there is no room for sectarianism in
the Islamic awakening. Muslims are
Muslims first and foremost, whether
they follow the Hanafi, Maliki,
Hanbali, Shafi’i, or Ja’fari law
The Muslim Brotherhood should stop
inciting sectarianism, and stand up
for Islamic unity.
Secondly, Ayatollah Khomeini
understood that all Muslims have a
moral obligation to side with the

World’s oppressed – the mustazafin –
in the struggle against their
oppressors. The resistance against
empire, apartheid, Zionism,
aggressive war, and all forms of
racism and injustice is also the
struggle of all Muslims.
The Muslim Brotherhood should stop
kowtowing to oppressive rulers, be
they Western, Saudi, or Qatari, and
join the worldwide struggle against
exploitation and injustice.
Third, Ayatollah Khomeini saw that a
real Islamic revolution would require
the overthrow of the old order and a
complete break with the West. All of
the powerful figures who propped
up the Western puppet dictator, the
Shah – especially the military
leaders – would have to be either
removed from power or successfully
re-educated. And imperialist
institutions such as the IMF would
have to be expelled from Iran.
The Muslim Brotherhood should
recognize that it must work for a
complete Islamic revolution,
including removing all of the West’s
puppets from power and breaking
the bonds imposed by Western
banks and governments, if it is to
establish the Islamic society that
the majority of Egyptians want.
Simply winning an election, while
the real power in Egypt remains with
the Western-puppet military,
accomplishes nothing.
The Muslim Brotherhood should view
its setback in Egypt as an
opportunity to reflect on its
Its biggest mistake was its refusal to
join the axis of resistance – the
Hamas-Hezbollah-Syria-Iran alliance
that is standing up to Zionist and
imperialist power, with notable
The Brotherhood let its tragic history
in Syria blind to the historic
opportunity offered by the rising axis
of resistance.
Now is the time to take off the
A year ago, who would have thought
that the two most prominent Muslim
Brotherhood-linked heads of state,
President Morsi of Egypt and Emir
Hamad bin Khalifa Al Thani of Qatar,
would fall from power almost
simultaneously – while the Assad
government in Syria not only
remains in power, but continues to
gain strength?
The Western mainstream media kept
telling us that President Assad was
about to fall.
According to them, he has been
about to fall for more than two
Apparently if you want an accurate
view of the Middle East, you should
be reading the alternative media –
including Press TV, which has been
consistently skeptical about the
West’s claims that regime change in
Syria is always just around the
The axis of resistance is winning in
Syria. And it is winning, slowly but
surely, in Palestine, as the world
awakens to the truth about Israeli
The axis of capitulation to Zionism
and empire is losing.
The future is with the world’s rising
economies, not the collapsing west.
Will the coup d’état against
President Morsi help awaken the
Muslim Brotherhood? Will the
Brotherhood decide to take a new
path – the path to Islamic unity and
real Islamic revolution forged 34
years ago by Ayatollah Ruhollah