Remembrance of 2014 Quds Day Martyrs in Zaria amidst Security operatives

The Islamic Movement in Nigeria marked martyrs of Quds 2014 who were killed on 25th of July 2014 by Nigerian Soldiers in Zaria. The remembrance day was marked at Darur Rahma cemetry amidst presence of security operatives deployed to disrupt it in vain. The occasion was attended by large number of people from far and near. 

Sheikh Kasimu Umar Sokoto and Sheikh Abdulhameed Bello were among the speakers during the annual event. The security men fired some shots in the sky with the view to disperse the gathering. however, the programme was successfully completed.

Sheikh ABdulhameed Bello,, when asked by newsmen, said " “We were holding our annual remembrance anniversary, held every year in memory of 34 of our members killed on July 25, 2014, including three sons of Sheikh Zakzaky."
”After we started the programme by 8am, around 10am, the security personnel mobilised and met us there. The Army came first and surrounded the place. They didn’t say anything, so we continued.

“When the Police came led by the ACP, they came and interrupted. There were tents, chairs and we were well organised. They tried to provoke us, but failed. The ACP told his personnel to take position, then came and told the person preaching that: ‘No problem, no trouble, conclude and go away’. Some of our members recording were stopped and a journalist’s camera was seized. ” hey wanted to all the cameras but we questioned them because their own people were recording, so they decided that even their people should stop recording,” he narrated.
The Sheikh informed that as at the time they were disrupted, they had about 10,000 members in attendance, with several others prevented from entering. “About 10,000 of us were there, had it been we were not peaceful, they wouldn’t have been able to disperse us,” he added.
One of those prevented from entering the venue, Sheikh Adamu Tsoho who travelled from his base in Jos to attend, described the situation as unfortunate. “We arrived around 9:30am. We heard they had blocked the entrance but they didn’t allow us to enter. A lot of people were trapped outside,” he explained.

The programme was followed by free Zakzaky procession from the venue to the city as the security operatives escorted the procession.

It could be recalled 31 peolple including three children of Sheikh Zakzaky were killed by the Nigerian soldiers on Friday the 25th of July 2014 in Zaria while conducting peaceful International Quds Day procession. The attrocity of the Nigerian soldiers was condemned worldwide