Remembering the gruesome military massacre in Zaria: A year after

Days pass by, seconds, minutes, hours and everything seems to stand still as if it happened just yesterday; I mean the gruesome #ZariaMassacre; the day blood of the innocents, armless and defenseless citizens was shed for no crime... The clear picture of that day still and will ever remain vivid in our mind.

In that very sorrowful and dark hours what could only be heard beside birds chirp is the sound of sinusoidal gunshots claiming the lives of promising personalities.. Gosh!

To cut it short, in that very night; a time was reached that even the birds chirp could no longer be heard except for the sounds of automobiles on their busy schedule from different barracks to Husainiyya Baqiyatullah, Gyallesu (the residence of Sheikh Zakzaky) and Darul Rahma...

The military that besieged Husainiyya Baqiyatullah could be spotted from a distance around a gathered-sticks flame warming themselves against that frigid night worth tissue penetrating. On the other hand, the finger tips counted brothers and sisters could be seen shivering from the thrilling cold. Unmindful of it, they engaged in praying and Quranic recitation seeking for divine vengeance... The story is no different in Gyallesu, thousands have already gathered to protect their leader, Sheikh Zakzaky (H); who is undeniably the prima target of the attack.

The military, otherwise 'blood suckers' could be seen busy parading along Sokoto road with their guns fully loaded and ready, waiting for order to shoot, what they are only good at; and Alas! The order finally arrives; 'shoot! Shoot and kill everyone of them, don't dare leave anyone of them alive.. " And just like a hungry lion that spotted its prey after a week of desperate starvation, they started shooting randomly and uncontrollably, full of pleasure.

In not less than an hour, innocent souls were laid to eternal rest in Husainiyya Baqiyatullah and Gyallesu.. Shooting continues sporadically and ceased occasionally throughout the night in Gyallesu! But as for those in Husainiyya, the story is different; the shooting was ceaseless throughout, and beside bombings that accompanied the night.. Till daybreak.

Immediately after daybreak the following day, In like the blink of an eye; both Gyallesu and Husainiyya were turned into #Karbala and bargaining soon started.

It was on that day the world witnessed an unflinching loyalty and greatest sacrifice of the present time, similar to that in #Karbala.

A day that not even breastfeeding babies were perpetuated.. Men and women, young and the aged were killed in the most cruelest and brutal manner.

Humanity was deliberately spurned that very day and flags of inhumanity and brutality raised! The 'blood suckers' were gleefully dancing to and hypnotized by the tune of devil's drumbeat.

In like the blink of an eye, blood of innocents started flowing like river especially in Gyallesu, where the highest level of cruelty was exhibited by the military.

People were roasted alive, young children and women were molested, sanctity of human soul was disregarded and human rights violated.

Minors were soon turned to orphans, wives to widows, husbands to widowers, friends to friendless, lovers to loveless, brokenhearted and parents to childless... Hasbunallah!

The world seems to stand still as if nothing is existing, happiness turned to sadness, hopeful turned to hopeless, laughter turned to cries, days turned to nights and brightness turned to darkness!

Days became restless, nights became sleepless, leisure time became burdensome... Hearts and brains all exhausted by grievances! The world became nowhere to go, full black!

These hours of darkness will ever remain clear in our mind, the picture of that tragic moment still remain vivid in our imagination! It will ever be a black memory indeed, unneeded but inevitable!

Deep and heartfelt condolence to the victims (either directly or indirectly) of this barbarism, their families, loved ones and the entire Islamic community. May Allah give us the fortitude to bear this great sufferings.

May He have mercy on our martyrs, accept their martyrdom, raise high their honor here and hereafter, forgive all their shortcomings and grant them the highest level in Jannah.

His umost curse and damnation be on their killers and their paymasters.


Najeeb Umar Maigatari.
Thursday, December 1st, 2016.