REJOINDER: BBC Hausa and Their Biased Report on Islamic Republic of Iran:

It has come to our cognizance that, the Hausa version of the website and social media timeline of the British Broadcasting Corporation popularly known as BBC has published a news with the heading, "Islamic Republic of Iran has Executed 20 Sunni Muslims".
The report stated that, authorities of the Islamic Republic of Iran declared execution on the 20 Sunni prison inmates following an indictment they were fond of.
The report continued that, media houses and broadcasting stations in the nation published the news last Thursday that, they were executed after finding them guilty of murder of some innocent children perpetrated in between the year between 2009 and 2011 at different times.

The British Broadcasting Corporation in their mischievous attempt to tarnish the image and personality of Islamic Republic of Iran implied that, Iran is in any way hook or crooked indiscriminately exterminate the lives of her innocent citizens who are Sunni faction, showed bias by publishing a cock and bull story contrary to how other media houses impartially published the truth of what exactly happened in that regard. In other words, they published a report of slander in order to succumb their masters' aim and objectives who are also patronizing their mission.

To prove the BBC's smear-campaigned against Iran, below is the report of what exactly happened and published according to the Iran's media houses:

The Hausa version of the 'Pers Today' published that, "The High court of the Kurdistan region of the Islamic Republic of Iran has disclosed the verdict of some members of Takfiriyyah of the Movement 'Tauhid Wal Jihad'. The court warranted execution on 20 prison inmates from this Movement following a legal proceedings which proved them guilty on different terrorists acts committed in the Kurdistan region of the country between 2009 and 2011. The report also confirmed that, they were found guilty of murder of 21 innocent Iranian citizens among which include men and juveniles. Also, they were found guilty of murder of 14 Iranian security personnel. Similarly, according to the report, all the 20 prison inmates of were Sunni faction from the Takfiriyyah Wahabiyyah Movement belonged to 'Tauheed Wal Jihad' Movement.

At this juncture, the raised skeptical questions against BBC is that:
Why BBC couldn't published exactly what happened in this regard or impartially published what other media houses of the Islamic Republic of Iran published in that respect?
Why BBC kept mute to disclose that, all the prison inmates charged with execution belonged to Sunni Takfiriyyah faction?

Instead, BBC published a report that has crystal clear showed her apathy against that Islamic Republic of Iran. BBC have failed to understand that, Iran is an Islamic Republic who pays an equal regards to all and sundry of her citizens irrespective of religious, or ethnic faction.

Had it been Islamic Republic of Iran had a heinous intent against the alleged inmates before their final indictment, the report wouldn't have been disclosed to the public regarding the essence of the cause of their execution. BBC could have use its sense of reasoning to ponder on how a case took a series of seven years under proceedings before final verdict, which also made well-informed to all and sundry of the citizens.

It is worth mentioning to let BBC be acquainted that, the verdict warranted to the inmates is according to the Islamic jurisprudence based on Qur'anic laws and tradition provided. These inmates, are also Sunni Muslims who paid total submission to the laws of the Holy Qur'an and tradition and abide by the stipulated rules irrespective of not being Shi'ites in creed.

To my sense of reasoning as a human being who naturally bestowed with unparalleled physic compared to other mammals in the same kingdom, BBC ceased this opportunity to re-crate a solid hatred among the two major school of thought in Nigeria (Jafariyyah, popularly known as Shi'ites and Malikiyyah, popularly known as Sunnis'). BBC make use of this medium to widen the existing barrier of apathy already created by misguided Sunni clerics throughout the years spent in fairly anti-Shi'ah preachings in Nigeria.

In the lung, we are vehemently condemning this report which implies nothing other than misapprehension of the existing cordial relations among the Nigeria Shi'ites and their contemporary Sunnis especially those among them that are neither gullible towards slanderous reports of Media houses like BBC and its equivalent nor paid Sunni clerics who accomplished the mission of the enemies of Islam and humanity through fairly Anti-Shi'a preachings.


By Muhammad Ibraheem Zuru