We seem to be already beyond Sykes / Picot, and times will come when we will weep over Sykes/Picot. In relation to the World Order , Sykes/ Picot was not such a successful endeavor after all because, even if it succeeded in creating the entity called Israel- on Arab land- and in dividing and separating Arabs , this partition created also the possibility – in people -to fight back – like what happened with the Palestinian and the Lebanese Resistances – who could resist and react and retrieve their rights and defeat the enemy : a way out- in other terms- from occupation and oppression .
The world order seeks now a more radical solution to the world’s problems- that is not a new solution- for it has been tried and tested before- successfully – on the Natives of America- for example- and it is the complete destruction of societies in the full meaning of the word . For this purpose, the World Order has created the world sponsored terrorism to carry on this goal .
Terrorism is a World Order disease, developed in the World Order hidden laboratories, where scientists are active in studying the ways of curbing and modifying human behavior and- for this reason – have opened places like Abu Ghraib and Guantanamo which has not closed yet probably for this reason… The Terrorism virus needs suitable environments to spread, and Arab environments are most suitable. They are poor and uneducated , and people are left to provide for themselves, almost totally neglected by the ruling authorities that are drowned in corruption .The World Order comes to the eligible terrorist with money and weapons . It is money and weapons -together- that act on the psyche of the so called terrorist, removing him from his so called natural condition to another different condition where he becomes empowered and occupies a spiritual , mental and material position for which he does not qualify creating thus a big disturbance in society .
This terrorist is being used to turn against his own people and society , therefore, everything should be done so that this person does not engage in acts that are totally destructive to himself and his society against money and fake social position .This eligible terrorist should be recognized – by the authorities – as an individual . He should be educated , and prepared for some kind of job or position , he should feel respected and his needs catered to and his dignity preserved , he should be granted his inborn rights and should not feel alienated from his rulers or the state . The door from which the enemy sneaks should be closed and sealed if possible . A loyal state should be able to breed loyal citizens and this has proved to be possible.
There is no point in fighting terrorism . The origin of terrorism should be fought instead. Reforms should start right away to prevent any schism in society . If the Syrian state is now rehabilitating and assimilating those who have joined terrorists, and the authorities are pacifying with them, allowing them even to keep their light weapons, why couldn’t they do this before by recognizing their rights ? Why did it need so much bloodshed to communicate to people and meet them halfway ? There is no other way to fight terrorism , killing does not solve the problem but increases it, and causes great damage and destruction and displacements and miseries.
For this reason , the Lebanese Resistance has not waged war against its local sectarian enemies of 14th of March who work for Israel, and want the Resistance to surrender its weapons . On the contrary , it is trying to assimilate them, by forming a joint government with them, in order to spare the country a bloodbath and protect the Resistance .
As for the so called mercenaries brought from outside of Syria , severe measures should be taken against the countries that facilitate their flow, even if this meant declaring war on these countries, especially in this instance Turkey, that has received and trained in three different training camps around 60 thousands mercenaries coming from 81 countries .
While people are celebrating the victory over the thugs and the liberation of Yabrood , we have to say that we wished that this victory liberated the Golan heights or Galilee instead , we want to direct our guns to the real enemy and we don’t want this experience to be repeated and we don’t want to fight world sponsored terrorism . We need reforms to protect our societies from infiltration, and any authority or rule should have this as a priority .