Written by: Al.Hajj Dr. Ali Haratiyan


CHAPTER 1: Self Made Deprivation


The First Word!

Even the sacred personalities have no mettle to hear the estrangement of the imam. O’ Allah! Strange it is! What a curtain! How thick! How strange an absence!

Let us know our imam once more

Knowledge about the imam does not mean to know his name, family root, or the date and place of his birth. It is a wide and vast valley where reason is perplexed and scholars are in bewilderment. Here one is required to be a little thoughtful.

There might be the likes of Sheikh Toosi and Sheikh Ansari in billions; but they are not worth a single breath of the Imam.

I say about myself. I should start from A, B, C, and D of Imamat.

Allah sent one hundred and twenty four thousand Prophets for the guidance of human beings. What was the reaction of man against these ambassadors of guidance and truth?

Most shameful! Some were amputated from the middle into two by a saw. Some were burnt alive.

And some were beheaded from ear to ear. Some were belied and denied. No one believed them but a very few. Likewise, the eleven infallible Imams of the shi’a too were martyred one after another, either by sword or poison, by the tyrant caliphs of Bani Umayyah and Bani Abbas.

Now there is only one option left before humanity, and only one redeemer. He is the heir of all prophets over the globe. In him is epitomized every perfection of each prophet. He is the Mahdi (A), the promised one.

A human must repent to the depth of History:

Shi’as should repent sincerely because the key to human prosperity lies in their hands.

It is enough of a shame for us that the imam of our time is always remembering us while we are ignorant of him. We are waiting for his appearance while he is waiting our awakening.

Is it that the time is not ripe to believe that the imam of present age is alive? We must believe this and make others also believe. There is no outlet but to take refuge in the sacred precinct of the sanctity of his holy Existence. Further, we must be sure of his presence in our life. We must be certain that the imam knows us better than ourselves; and a deed done by us is displayed to his sight; and a word uttered by us reaches his audience before we could hear it. Finally, we must embrace this certitude that every superiority, perfection, and bounty that exists in this world is due to the blessings of the imam, the vicegerent of Allah on the earth.

Let us reconcile with the imam of our time:

...Satan is in ambush to plat the same trick on shi’as which he played on Adam and Eve (A), which resulted in their expulsion from heaven. Be alert and aware of Satan. Else you too will be expelled from the heaven of the imam’s presence. A believer is he who cannot be bitten twice by same sting.

Let us not leave the imam alone:

 Bibi Zahra (A) in the downfall of her murder-spot and Bibi Zainab (A) over the height of “The Hillock of Zainab” are standing to see whether the call “Is there any helper” of the present imam meets with any compliance in the desert of Karbala of his absence? Or if the rejoicing din and clamour of the people of ku’fa would hinder the lonely voice of the imam from reaching to our audience and he would remain all alone.

Let us not commit sin while the imam is existing:

Agonies in the history of the world are enough to him. The captivity of Bibi Zainab(A) to him is enough of a wound. It cannot be cured except by his appearance. the martyrdom of the six month  old infant; Ali Asghar (A), draws tears of blood from his eyes at dawn and dusk. Let not us not add any more that could scatter salt over his wound. So why don’t we behave such as to be a consolation or a comfort to his pain struck heart, a heart of the world of possibilities.

Happy are those who are now basking in the warmth of the rays of the sun of his existence. But the curtain that has curtailed us from the imam is nothing except the curtain of self or egoism. The dark clouds of negligence and sins have befogged the sun of his beauty from the eye shot of our sight. We are sitting in a somnolence and sedentary awaiting his appearance.

But there are those who enjoy the dawning sun of his beauty. Indeed, they have cut their relation with this world to ride over the winds pregnated with his love. In such a manner they fly swiftly, unnoticed, in calm and comfort as high as their attachment bears them.

At the time of swearing we remember his name while we are supposed to make a cry of his name. we must not forget that he is always within our reach. To communicate with him we have gone negligent. Let us go to him as dependants, deserted by all, disgruntled from every side, disappointed by one and all, deprived so, and disheartened such. A few moments in the cycle of day and night, let us be alone with him in the privacy of fancy. He will be a guide in our life to our life. In the universe of creation he is a pole as he is a heart of the universe of existence. Let our hearts go to him and pulse blood in our veins while the call of “Ya Mahdi” rings and its echo doubles the cry from earth to heaven. Each beat of our heart would say “Hurry up, O’imam!”

Let us be alive to this fact that, in his hand is the run of time and in his hold, the security of globe. We are in his belonging. Life without the imam is death; and without knowing the imam even death is the death prior to Islam, (i.e. the death in the days of ignorance). The dead moments, the decayed time return to life by remembering him (the present) imam.

Let us pray for the safety of the imam of our time. Let us not be short of sacrifices and charity for the sake of the imam of the present time. Our moments of waiting will grow more and more enthusiastic as our attachment grows closer.

We must not carry to him, as presents, our needs and agonies. It is better that in the moments of rejoicing we remember him. We invest our life, our property for his sake. The extent of our attachment with him should attain such a juxtaposition that others could smell the enchanting pleasant perfume that our moments in waiting for him emit. We must acquaint our children with imam Mahdi (A). This is the necessity. This is the need. Its importance is far beyond the computer.

From time to time, we must pay a visit to the mosque of jamkaran which is in his name. if we cannot, we had better erect one in our own hearts. We can make our houses the residence of the Mahdi (A). it is not the place that has created a distance between us and our imam Mahdi (A). stories right from Sayyid Ibn Tawoos and Sayyid Bahrul Uloom up to Sayyid Karim Pinedooz, Shaikh Rajab Ali Khayyat, the old man the lock mender, Abu Rajeh Hamami, Ustad Ja’far-e Na’iband, and the Chinese girl ‘Uli’ establish the presence of the imam of our time. There is no excuse left for denial. The thing that matters is our behavior which should be such as to satisfy the imam and to please him.

We should be like the one expectant of someone coming, awaiting the bell to sound. Such a spirit should rule in houses and schools.

We pray for his appearance to be expedited. We commit ourselves to membership in his army. On Friday mornings we go to the hills of Jamkaran. In the evenings of Fridays we witness tears in the eyes of the universe and cries in its throat for the absence of the imam being lengthened by one Friday more.

Why do we not ponder in the absence and its getting longer? Why in the longest night of winter, “Yalda”, do we not pray for the early appearance of the imam

We are negligent towards this fact that wherever pulses a heart and breathes a bosom or exists a sign of life, it is a charity of imam Mahdi (A) or could be a blessing from him. The world is at his table. He hosts the universe. We, being a guest, cannot forget the host.

When we open the Book of Allah, the Holy Qur’an, we must not forget “The partner of the Qur’an”.

We must not join those who still claim “The Book of Allah is enough to us”

If we want to know the meaning hidden in the Qur’an we must knock the door of the imam. He is the narrator in the present age.

In the supplication of Nudba’ we stand for prayers and say “For his sake accept our prayers.” Such is his position with Allah. We go to Hajj for the pilgrimage of Allah’s House. But we are not mindful about the inside of the House. The real Hajj is to go round the imam of our time because he is the reality of faith. His guardianship is the base and the fundamental of Religion. Namaz (Prayer), fasting and Hajj are side issues. The branch matters should not distance us from the very trunk of the tree that is the guardianship and imamat of imam Mahdi (A).

The conscience of the world will give evidence about the appearance of imam. Let not others precede us. The pure innate nature of justice seekers shall come forward to welcome the promised Mahdi, the imam of the present age. The Qur’an says: “So rush towards good.”

Among the Prophets those who rushed in showing their desire and attachment to the imam of the present time, obtained a medal of First Grade decorated on their breasts. For example, see the seventy two martyrs of Karbala. How they have made the world to envy them, to aspire to their position. Still there is leisure. There is time. “Hurry for good action” Three hundred and thirteen persons will be chosen.

Unpardonable Blame:

There are those who, at hearing the name of imam of the present time, fancy in their minds a sketch of a murderer with sword in hand, who heaps the dead bodies and who makes blood to flow in the road canals. We hope, Allah forbid, you might not be among them. More deplorable is that they transfer to others also this distorted image of the imam, created in their minds wrongly and erroneously. The good looking, comely image of that justice performer, the imam of the present time, little by little is made horrible, to be afraid of in others’ minds. As such no one will pray for his early appearance. This is a tyranny on our imam. The imam is, in fact, very kind, generous, charitable and merciful. Some of the religions people either seriously or in a jocosity and cajolery say that the sword of imam rests on their throats. It is their negative thinking. The imam is too kind. He is more prone to forgive than to kill.

If we have been tyrants, by uttering such words about imam Mahdi (A), we must repent to Allah and seek forgiveness from the sacred entity of his holy person. The imam is the seal of the successors of the prophet, a seal to the imams, as the prophet was the seal to the prophets. The prophet was a mercy to the worlds. Our imam too is a mercy to the worlds. What the prophet was he is. Among his titles are help, Allah’s vast mercy, discoverer of agony, and cave (i.e. cave of kindness). He is also called Repeller of pain and so forth. There is no hand more generous than his. There is no one more kind than him.

The tenth imam, imam Hadi (A), has explained imam recognition in ‘Jami’ul Kabirah’.

He has introduced the ‘House Dwellers’ (i.e. Ahlul Beyt (A)) as the mine of mercy and the utmost forgivingness, patience and fortitude, and the root of charity and love who make difficulties easier and repel pain.

Imam Rida (A) says: “The imam is trustworthy, a friend, like a kind father and a helping brother. He is like a mother kind to her infant.”

In this span of period Allah has kept the imam as a refuge to helpless ones, a justice giver to the oppressed ones. According to some traditions he (the present imam) is more kind and of far better demeanor and decorum than all other people. It is said about him that when he appears on the scene he will invite people with all kindness towards obedience to the religion. He will preach with humbleness and kindness in all the fields of life. He will leave no excuse for people. He will guide all. The followers of other Religions who have divine Books will join him in batches.

Of course, this becomes necessary to state that the extra grass hindering the growth of flowers or other useful plants cannot be done away without a scythe. Unless tyranny is wiped out justice cannot be spread. A victim or an oppressed one can only be attended to by eradicating the tyrant or the oppressor. Here does not end the story.

Have you ever thought why the sacred person of the imam is resembled to a peacock of heaven? Perhaps it is for this reason: When a peacock opens and spreads its tail it fascinates and enchants the sight. Likewise, the comeliness and the beauty of imam is abundantly pleasant and pleasing. His divine countenance is so capturing that it could be beyond the tolerance of human sight. Beyond this, even minds will be bewildered.

We recite in salutation to the imam: “Peace be on the spring of hearts and the verdure of day and night”. We pray in the “Supplication of Ahd”: “O’ Allah! Make our towns prosperous by his hands. Bestow life with happiness on your servants. Our hearts, bosoms, days, and livelihood make and keep ever green. Make our life a fountain of mirth and happiness.” The real life of man will commence by the appearance of imam. People will taste the life, the prosperity, ease and comfort only when the imam of our time appears. If this is the case, then what is it that we have lived so far? What name could be given to it?

We must admit that the plenty that would be exposed on every side at his advent is unknown to us. The blessings, the bounties, and the good, that will be common to all is not yet known to us. We are not aware of that perfection, beauty, and profusion that will be brought in gift to humanity. The Yousuf of Zahra (A) which man is unable to imagine or fancy. We can only acquaint ourselves by means of narrations or traditions. The Holy Prophet (S) says: “My nation in the days of imam Mahdi (A) will enjoy the bounties which have not preceeded in history.”

The Holy prophet (S) says: “I give you tidings of the Mahdi (A) who will come towards you and the dwellers of the skies and those on the earth will be pleased with him.”

Imam Ali (A) says: “One among my sons will make his appearance. The livelihood of people will be expanded. Difficulties will become easy. Even the dead ones will visit each other and congratulate his advent.”

Imam Sadiq (A) says: “When imam Mahdi (A) comes, he will be wearing the shirt of Imam Ali (A). He will act and behave exactly like Ali.”

The Holy Prophet (S) says: “All will take refuge in him like the bees of honey take refuge with their queen. He will spread justice to the width and length of the world such that the sincerity and intimacy that existed in the early days of Islam will return back among the people. If one is sleeping no one will wake him up without reason. No blood will be shed without reason.”

The Holy Prophet (S) says: “The hearts of the people will be filled by worship and obedience to Allah. Justice will govern the rule every quarter of the earth. Allah will uproot the lie from the face of the earth. Bestial nature will be wiped out from human beings. There will be no yoke of serfdom on the necks.”

The Holy Prophet(S) says: “No one shall remain in poverty. People will set out in search of a needy one to give their charities to. But they will not find one.

The Holy Prophet (S) says:  “Birds in their nests will rejoice. Fish in the seas will swim in happiness and mirth. Like fountains even the fields will be in ebullition rendering yield several folds over.

Imam Ali (A) says: “In those days rains will downpour excessively and abundantly. The earth will display greenery from its every path and patch. There will not remain a spot over the earth not covered by grass or any plantation. In the human bosom no heart will pulse unless it is purged from malice and avarice, rancor and resentment. Beasts and other wild animals will remain calm. They will become so mild that their neighborhood will no more be detrimental. For example: A woman will travel on foot from Iraq to Damascus (Syria). The lengthy way will be so fertile that she will set her foot over grass instead of the naked earth. Furthermore, she will wear her ornaments with a conviction of safety, besides her own safety, which will comfort her to the extent that there will appear to her no fear, no dread, no impending alarm, nor waiting apprehension. No beast will attack her nor will she come under any unruly intractable violence.”

The Holy Prophet(S) says: “The inhabitants of earth and sky sends its rain, the earth spews forth its verdure. Prosperity will flourish to such an extent that the living ones should have had been alive to witness all this ease and comfort under a rich shadow of justice now common to all and within every hand’s  reach.”

The Holy Prophet (S) again says: “The sky sends its rain lofty and abundant. The earth gives birth to every plant keeping nothing in its womb. That day wealth will be accumulated and acerbated in piles one upon another. Whoever will call out: “O’ Mahdi give to me”, the Imam (A) will reply: “Go and take as much as you want.”

In some narrations we read that due to the advent of the Imam (A), Allah will make His bounty common to all. So there will be no poor and no indigent. Imam Mahdi (A) will say to the people:

“Come. This is the same thing for the sake of which you had cut and sundered the relations with your family, kith and kin, relatives, dear ones, close ones. Even blood you shed for it. You extended no respect to divine prohibitions, restrictions, laws, regulations. What Allah had made “Haram” (Prohibited) you committed?”

The Imam (A) will give wealth to people in such a measure that no one has so far done so or given such. It will be unique in history.

There are narrations of much credibility that say: “When the imam comes to the sight of the world all patients will regain their health, the blind will regain their sight, and rains will be in plenty. Everywhere there will be plantation and cultivation. Not a single little patch of land would be found without a tree and all trees will bear fruit. Everywhere will be green as if green velvet is spread and stretched all over. Health will rule the bodies and ages will be prolonged, reaching to a hundred and above. The days and years will become longer – it is said that they will stretch to ten times their ordinary length. Farmers will harvest their cultivation several fold more. People will take a turn for the better, they will no more carry malice against one another and will become kind to each other. It is not only human beings that will attain to perfection, but the wild animals will also become mild; they will lose their wildness. A sheep will graze in the company of a wolf; a buffalo will seek the company of a lion. Wealth will be distributed among the people so justly that there would not be found one to give charity to.

Children will play with snakes and scorpions and they will be safe from these poisonous creatures. People will worship Allah with faith, truth and sincerity. Monotheism will exist in those days in its true sense and meaning. There will exist no frontiers and no borders. The whole globe will be under one rule, one law, and one administration. One will be free to travel from the east of the earth to its west. There will be no hindrance, no botheration, and no objection. Why should it not be so? Allah has created the world for the sake of this House and its Dwellers. This is reflected in the Holy Hadith of Kasa’ which Allah addresses to angels:

…….”O’ My angels! Inhabitants of the skies! I have created the skies, the earth, the moon, the stars, the sun; all orbiting performing what is incumbent upon them. This I have done for the sake of these five Entities. Be friendly with them……..”

Self made deprivation:

With regards to the deprivation of mankind from this great bounty of Allah, and the eleven infallible imams of the Shi’a (A) whom the tyrants martyred one after another, leaving now only the twelfth, who had to disappear, there is no margin here to dwell upon it.

As a matter of fact, the starting point of all this havoc is the insurgency and disobedience to the Prophet with regards to his successor. The Holy Prophet(S) had made it clear, he had recommended the matter time and again, but the nation openly rioted. Overlooked and ignored, the moment that the Prophet (S) died the nation estranged itself from the Prophet’s House. They set fire upon the door of Bibi Zahra’s house and they rejected Imam Ali’s right of succession to the Holy Prophet Muhammad (S). By so doing they rejected the Prophet(S). They rejected Ghadir-e Khum and Qur’anic verses that descended on the occasion which was the succession of Imam Ali (A) to the Holy Prophet(S). The nation shut the door of the city of knowledge upon itself. These enemies of the Prophet and his Household members were not friends. In the Ziyarah of Ashura we recite and repeat tens of times our disdain and detestation for them, the enemies of the Prophet’s family.

Indeed, how deplorable it is! It should have not happened, but it did happen. How sad and lamentable it is!

Man goes in his ignorance so far that he deprives himself by his own hands from the bounty of Allah because he did not follow Imam Ali (A) after the Prophet(S). More so that he is still persisting upon his ignorance and the mistake is still in continuity. By missing Imam Ali (A) he has missed several bounties of Allah and His Blessings. What to do? How to regain the loss? How to come out of the darkness of the absence of the Imam and find a way to the world of the light of his appearance? What is the way to return back real life to the world of existence? This wound that is bleeding or this ulcer that is paining since one thousand and four hundred years. Is there any ointment to it? For this purpose we return to the House of revelation where the archangel, Gabriel (A), used to descend and bring message from the Almighty Allah. Our eleven Imams (A) have shown us the way. Our last (12) Imam (A.J) since his disappearance has not kept anything hidden from us. As an Imam, he has guided us and never refrains from doing so.

If we act according to their words, certainly there is redemption to us from this impasse. We can avail respect and reverence in this world and the next. We cannot go astray from the right path. The Shi’a school teaches us to obey our Imam without question.