Last year December was the most calamitous moments in the history of the Islamic movement in Nigeria. On 12 December 2015, armed men of the Nigerian army besieged our Husainiyyah worship centre which is located at No 1, Sokoto Road, Zaria; the strategic positioning of the military at the centre made us to publicize the incident, while anxious, we expressed our uncertainty of the motive of the military. 30 minutes later, a convoy arrived which was said to be of the COAS. The military purported a claim that members of the Islamic movement in Nigeria blocked the COAS a passage to the emir palace. As a justification for the purported claim, the army killed over 50 people at the centre.

If the military clampdown at our centre occurred as a result of a road blockade, then what should be the justification for the military inhumane massacre at the Gyallesu residence of Sheikh Zakzaky, the leader of the Islamic movement in Nigeria? At around 10:30pm, the army besieged the Gyallesu area, where they shot whoever at sight, from Saturday night to Sunday 13th December 2015, they massacred over 50 people. The barbaric clampdown of the army lasted for more than 48 hours, which led to the loss of over 1,000 members of the Islamic movement, destruction of the house of Sheikh Zakzaky through the use of Rocket Propeller Grenade (RPG).

On Monday 14th December 2015, as the arsonist Nigerian army set ablaze the residence of Sheikh Zakzaky, they went ahead to shot him in six different spots. The Sheikh lost his 3 sons while he watches, his wife was also shot and maltreated. Later he was whisked away by the army. During a sitting in the judicial commission of inquiry set-up by Kaduna state government, the SSG of Kaduna state confirmed to the commission that they buried over 350 massacred members of the movement in a mass grave.

The Sheikh was left incommunicado for a while, after which he was handed over to the DSS. After spending almost a year with the DSS, on 2nd December 2016, a federal high court in Abuja, passed a judgement for the release of Sheikh Zakzaky and his wife within 45 days. The court judgement was a welcome development, but we are not certain whether the Nigerian authority will obey the court order.

Last week, the DSS forcefully moved Sheikh Zakzaky to a new location, despite the court order. The recent change of location is worrisome, and a call for alarm over the hidden sinister to end the life of Sheikh Zakzaky. We stage this protest in order to register our anxiety over the Nigerian authority’s failure to abide by the court judgement and to allow justice prevails.

Signed By:
Zaria, Kaduna state, Nigeria