Re: Zakzaky could’ve led to uprising worse than Boko Haram’s, says brother

Re: Zakzaky could’ve led to uprising worse than Boko Haram’s, says brother Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky I read in befuddlement an interview published by this newspaper dated 23rd April, 2016 with the above title. The interview was said to have been given by Sheikh Zakzaky’s half-brother named Sani Yakubu. The interview was full of fallacies. His answers were all ironical of the questions he was asked. Relating the Islamic movement that is dedicated to teaching and learning with Boko Haram was the greatest blunder and most laughable claim Mr Sani Yakubu made during the interview. Just to convey a bad impression of Sheikh Zakzaky, Sani Yakubu fabricated bunch of lies that even a baby in a cradle would doubt its authenticity. Sani Yakubu said the Islamic movement involves ‘alot of money’ that’s why their admonitions to Sheikh Zakzaky felt on deaf ears. What amount of money can make someone to lose his three sons in July, 2014 and another three in December, 2016 while his life, that of his wife and his disciples are still threatened? Mr Yakubu said he has cut off ties with Sheikh but when asked about other family members, he repeated the same answer. Sheikh Zakzaky has maintained a cordial relationship with his family members. Mr Yakubu can continue his ties about Sheikh Zakzaky for egoistic reasons but as far as Sheikh Zakzaky is concerned, he has a sincere and affectionate relationship with his family and neighbours. The Islamic movement itself was a victim of Boko Haram’s atrocities. Where was Sani Yakubu when a suicide bomber blew himself during Ashura procession in Potiskum on 4th November, 2014 and Dakasoye while members of the Islamic movement were en route to Zaria on 27th November, 2015? Mr Yakubu might have forgotten there incident during the interview because he is desperate to rubbish the Islamic movement and her leader. SOURCE: