Re: There is a Division Among Shi'ites in Nigeria

Those who are vocal enough are saying, "Examples are better than precept". Actually,
I was greatly astonished with the way and manner an unrecognized Shi'ites group, demarcating only a minute domain in Nigeria criticizingly condemned the activities and ideology of a well-known Islamic Movement in Nigeria under the spiritual leadership of Sheikh Ibrahim Zakzaky(H).

The critique was made during an interview with the heads of these transient group, Ustaz Nura Dass and Ustaz Saleh Zaria of Rasulul A'azam Foundation (RAFF), with news men in Kano, shortly after their convention on security matters on Wednesday, 28/04/2016.

The two heads of these moribund groups categorically stated that, there is really two divisions of Shi'ites sect in Nigeria. RAFF and Islamic Movement under Sayyid Ibraheem Zakzaky. They asserted that, members of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria are not law abiding citizens and the activities been carried out by the Movement is not in conformity with the accepted norms in Shi'a doctrine.

We faithful and conceited followers of Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky are not in any way behind the ranting and hallucination of delirious minds like Nura Dass and Saleh Zaria on Shi'ism in general, talk less of Sheikh Zakzaky's ideology. These clerics and their gullible followers are nothing rather than viruses in human form. Why ?

These could be comprehended from the self-confession made by Ustaz Hamza Lawal before the Judicial Commission of inquiry on Zaria massacre that, he was a member of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria leading by Sheikh Zakzaky from 1980 to 2001. This confession is similar to the other bad egg of the society, Ustaz Nura Dass. They were all members of the Movement right from its early advent in late 70's. They expressed their total allegiance and submission to the principles and ideology of the Movement before they extricated themselves. Now that, they were extricated due their initial disease hearted and being derived and engineered by World Mongers spearheaded the Wahabi Takfiri Nigerian government, they have the ego and valour of criticizing the Movement.

Taking a glance at annals of history in Shi'ism and Shi'ites, the root cause of what befell members of IMN lies in historical facts and these had since predicted by late 18th century Islamic reviver, Sheikh Usmsn Bin Fodi. It is therefore unbelievable and astonishing, how such so-called Shi'a Islam clerics fall short of understanding what is Shiism, ideology of the tenet and historical torture of followers if this doctrine. Ustaz Nura Dass is not illiterate of the fact that, throughout the epics of history of the 12 Shi'a Imams, right from first infallible Imam, Aliyu Ibn Abu Talib to the 11th one, they stood firm against injustice and oppression. They had never succumbed to the wishes of despots of their era. In this cause, they have reciprocally felt and experienced tortures from despots of their times. These was a routine by these despots in series of eras. A case example is, that of Late Sheikh Usman Bin Fodi of Africa and Late Ayatollah Imam Khomeini of Iran during their eras.

I want to acquaint Ustaz Nura Dass and his intimate host Ustaz Saleh Zaria that, this test and torture could not be exempted from Sheikh Zakzaky and his followers for being in conformity with this established and accepted norms of Shi'a doctrine, not as you contradicted during your briefings with news men.

Ustaz Nura Dass asserted that, their Shi'a Maraaji's recommended them to abide by the rules and regulations sanctioned by any authority governing a particular Nation. I would therefore, like to chip in a question that, even if those rules and regulations contradicted the stipulated Qur'anic laws ? If yes, I would not in any way be surprised, pondering at your letter and speech presented before the Judicial Commission of inquiry on Zaria massacre in Kaduna.

As the clerics of this moribund Shi'a group in Nigeria claimed that, they were students and products of 'Hauza Ilmiyyah Quom, Iran' , and been emphasized on religious verdict(Fatwa) of the Shi'a Maraaji's, their intellectual brains as Shi'a clerics and product of Islamic Republic of Iran could not recall the time, when onece Imam Ruhullah Al-Khomeini(Q.S) derived out a 'Fatwa' religious verdict, which is so steep and might tarnished the image of the Islamic Republic of Iran ? For this reason, Ayatullah Ahdari beseeched for laxation of the verdict. Upon that, Ayatullah Khomeini asserted that, "For we to lax and Islam be touched, is rather to execute and let Islamic republic be tarnished than Islam to be touched"

Without much narration, I will like to let Ustaz Nura Dass and Ustaz Hamza Lawal know that, their utterances before the panel of inquiry and during their briefings with news men in Kano, made it categorically clear their conceptual understanding on tyranny. They succumb to all form of despotism and were not at loggerheads towards supporting all form of oppression on weak servants of Allah, be it Muslims or non-Muslims. And this is noticeably clear that, it is against the true teachings, principles and ideology of all infallible Imams and those righteous servants that follow their footprints.

In the long run, I am vehemently admonishing you that, either you consent or not, all your malevolent thoughts and actions towards Islamic Movement and its revered leader, you will not be averted or escaped from the trap and trick of enemies of Islam and humanity.

By Muhammad Ibraheem Zuru

For: Internet Forum of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria