Re: Ashura...Between a Bozo and a Brainiac – Mahfuz Mundadu

"He who knows and knows he knows is a scholar learn from him. He who knows and knows  not he knows is sleeping wake him up.

 He who knows not and knows he knows not is a student teach him. He who knows not and knows not he knows not is devil seek Allah's refuge from him."An gane?! To mu ci gaba.

Ustaz Abubakar Siddique's rejoinder to Sheikh Muhammad Turi is probably one of the most established cases of clued-up sting dressed as anartless mediation. The deceptive resort to mockery of facts acts as a self-serving contraption of mis...and disinformation overload. In his desperate attempt to counter Sheikh Turi's piece UstazAbubakarSiddique run shot of evidential resilience hence, his resort to some contrived fecund of casuistry and sophism. His giving a bad name to a pooch in order to hang it starts with mentioning what might have passed as typos to be gross deficiency in grammar. Our source of consolation however, lies with the fact that the ability to speak Queen's English was and still is never a measure of the  validity of the "Malamamility" of either.

The central theme of Sheikh Turi's piece, which appeared on Leadership Friday of November 22, 2013, lies in educating and enlightening humankind as per the tragedy of Karbala where the grandson of the holy prophet of Islam was brutally murdered together with about 73 of his companions.

The biggest culprit in this heinous crime is none other than Yazid the son of Muawiyya. Withthis challenging and incontrovertible account, the altar swagger of Ustaz Abubakar Siddique Was horridly rattled. In so far as Ustaz Abubakar Siddique failed woefully to present a sound argument in defense of the villain called Yazid he made frantic, yet crude attempt in  confusing the minds of gullible readers to the glorification of compound ignorance aided by absurd clutter of libretti. Ustaz Abubakar Siddique accused Shia of being heretic yet in "Darrul Manthur", a Quranic commentary authored by Sheikh Jalaludden Suyudiy, Sura Bayyinat 98 verse 7:"those who have faith and do righteous deeds- they are the best of creatures" the noble

>Prophet was reported to have said the verse in question refers to Ali (ibn Aby Dalib) and his SHIA. With this we come to know and believe that Shia has the stamp and the seal of the  holy Prophet. Nonetheless history is awash with cases where Muawiyya ibn Abisufyan made abusing and slighting Imam Ali during Friday prayer sermon a tradition, that last the  Banu-Umayyad's inglorious reign of terror. Remember insulting even an ordinary Muslim is an act of transgression, according to the holy Prophet, how much more of a prophet's

>companion?!However, whenever we recall events in history you accused us of insulting Sahaba simply because, you find it virtually impossible to counter such historical facts.Basedon the irrefutable verses of the holy Quran, UmmulMumineenAishat was and still is a mother to every true believer, but counting Aishat as part of AhlulBayt is, to say the least a dubious tinkle. Sura33: verse 33 says: "innamayuriydullahu li yuzhiba ANKUM not  ANKUNNA... Even as you mentioned that all Quraish are Ahlulbayt I can only ask you this uestion: does that include AbuJahl among those that the almighty Allah purifies?

>Similarly, Ustaz Abubakar Siddique him-and-his-self must have suspected that his arguments are shallow and hollow hence his weeping sentiment with the aid of picturesque depictions of Ashura events with scores of participants presumably exacting wounds on their-and-them-selves. At least that is what I discovered on

>Well Ustaz what would be your response if a non-Muslim argues that no Muslim is truly one until he wares rags and carries a bowl around begging for what to eat? If you do not fancy being shenanigan you ought to have known the difference between people's belief, their tradition, culture and mores. In any case tradition and culture may not necessarily be a measure of validation on people's belief.

>What you are desperately trying to cast aspersion against, is obvious you know next to naught about it. With this I call on you to get educated and conduct some research before venturing in to suchimmense field of knowledge. To start with you may wish to refer to the following reference materials for a desert:

1. The Right Path

2. Then I was guided

3. Ask Those Who Know

4.Asshia hum Ahlulsunna

5. Peshawar nights

6. Ihtijaj

7. Gadir

8. Alfayni

9. FusululMuhimma

10. Ma a khuduuduhi Al-Ariydha

11. Restatement in History

12. Shia Explained

>Those with android smartphone may wish to search the electronic versions of these collections through play store, while those using iPhone may download an application called "islamiclib" through apps store.

>Reading these books will surely not make you an Islamic scholar. Moreover, you may not be Oliver Twist either, but will surely make you to want some more. May we all have the courage to accept the truth regardless of where our selfish interest lies or who butters our bread. After all I wouldn't want to be remembered of a verse in Hamziyya

>were Sheikh Buuseery says: "waizaadhallatiluquulualaaIlmin... Faltimaasulhudaa bi hinnaanaa u"