QUDS: The Focus of Muslims Grief

The last Friday in the month of Ramadan is the day of Quds. In remembrance of al-Quds Muslims world-wide should proclaim their support of the Islamic nation of Palestine. The holy city of Jerusalem is where the al-Aqsa Mosque, refered to as the remote mosque in the Qur'an is located.
"Glory be to Him Who made His servant to go on a night from the Sacred Mosque to the remote mosque of which We have blessed his precincts, so that We may show him some of Our signs; surely He is the Hearing, the Seeing. (HQ 17: 1)
It was from this mosque that the prophet ascended to heaven in order to observe the wonders therein. Near the mosque is the Dome of the Rock on which the handprint of the Angel Jibra'il, who accompanied Muhammad (s.a.w) on his journey, still remains. This sacred, holy land has been usurped by Zionists Jews. United, the Muslims of the world will one day soon (God willing) liberate al-Quds.
Realizing the importance of publicity, the Zionists deliberately altered historical facts in a chaotic and insinuating manner. This caused many Muslims to doubt their religious background. It also depicted that anyone who defended his country as a terrorist in order to justify the massacres that were planned to evacuate the land. Eventually, Palestine became "A land without a people" owned by "A people without a land".
The Zionists knew that their movement must find a place to settle in. With the help of America and England they chose Palestine and it became their 'Promised Land'. They figured that the Muslims there could not defend themselves as it is a poor land. When they Immigrated to Palestine, the Hebrew language was adapted and made official language. After usurping of Palestine in 1948 A.D, names were changed, Palestine became Israel, al-Quds became Jerusalem-Khalij Al-Akaba became Khalij Suleiman and Safad became Safat.
The Zionistic Movement, that uprooted the Palestinians from their land and built a terrorist country on the remains, now feels threatened because Muslims do not vouchsafe its existence. The Zionists have good reason to feel threatened as millions of Muslims prepare to liberate al-Quds. Surely the sun will shine once again over the Muslim nation of Palestine.
Today the terrorist state of Israel are shelling the sieged Gaza stripe killing hundreds of Innocent women and children, and sadly countries of the world especially Arab states are watching Palestinians without help in any form.
Imam Khomeini the founder and leader of the Islamic Republic of Iran has declared the last Friday of the Month of Ramadan as 'Quds Day'. Millions march throughout the world on this day calling for the freedom and return of the Muslim nation of Palestine which is under the oppression of Zionists.
"To liberate Quds. Muslims depend on the power of Islam."
"The day of Quds is a day when all the Islamic nations must concentrate on Islam".
"The Muslims should keep the day of Quds alive."
-Imam Khomeini (qs)