Quds Day Killings, 40 days After:

Exactly on 25th of July 2014 the day that world over commemorate as International Quds day in total solidarity with Oppressed people of Palestine,and oppressed world over.
Here in Nigeria like all other places world over the Islamic movement in Nigeria have been organising peaceful demonstration for some 28 years, the procession is never sectarian nor religious its for the emancipation of all the oppressed world over,even though some narrow minded unprogressive element are trying in vain to potray it as sectarian or religious gathering, nevertheless it never appears as such.
On that consecutive day as usual members of the Islamic movement in Nigeria came out en masse to commemorate the day,the procession like always is peaceful from it's beginning just few minutes to closure of the procession men of the Nigerian Army storm the tail of the procession shooting at the participants, The blood mongers shot dead more than thirty three innocent souls, three of which are Sheikh Zakzaky's sons,among the victims are an elderly Igbo trader,who challenged the unruly storm troopers their reason of shooting peaceful civilians, he was killed for that crime,and elderly woman who happens to be a beggar also shot dead,and large number of casualities.
Nigerian Security forces who are they representing ? Who's interest are they protecting ? Thier Zionist masters or who ?
The heart rending event that befall Islamic Movement in Nigeria, further elucidate the fact that the movement is peaceful and all embracing,the incidence highlights the lofty aims of the leader of the movement,people from various quarters have and are commiserating with the leader of the movement, international human rights organisation,politicians,academicians,leaders of civil societies,scholars,traditional title holders,Christian churches and members of general public.
This incidence brings about unity among the general populace muslims in particular,and it also serve to create sympathy and amenity between two major religions, The incidence for Islamic movement in Nigeria is a measure of success against Injustice and oppression of any type.
Finally may the souls of our Martyrs be the master spirit that will guide us to total emancipation against tyranny and injustice,May they rest peacefully forever,LONG LIVE PALESTINE,