The Prophet (s) has appointed Imam Ali (as) as successor

Islam as
the Religion that teaches its followers the
complete way of life which prophet
Muhammad( SAW) has successfully
delivered it to mankind as the
commandment of Almighty Allah (SWT).
Speaking at the lecture organized by
Sisters Forum of Islamic Movement in
Suleja, to mark the end of Rabiul Awwal
and Milad anniversary of Prophet
Muhammad (SAWA) at the Goodwill Co-
operative Hall at Tsohon Kwata Quarters,
Suleja on Sunday 9-FEB-2014, Mallam
Kasim said those who believed that the
Prophet had taught everything except the
appointment of his Successor (Calipha)
and Guardian of Muslims Society have to
think twice.
He said the issues of Chalipha in Islam
started since at the early period of his
prophethood, when the Prophet invited
his clan of Banu Hashim and solicited their
support and assistant of any of them to
disseminate the message of Islam and
also to be his successor after his demise
but none accepted except Imam Ali (AS)
who was the youngest among them. He
stood up and answered the Prophet thee
times but was directed to sit down by the
Prophet (SAWA) . Those presence during
the event included Sayyid Hamza, Abu
lahabi, Abbas and so,on. Since then Imam
Ali (AS) remained the successor and
Guardian of Muslims Ummah.
Mallam Kasim added that it was
unbecoming for the prophet Muhammad
(SAWA), who explained every matter to
the Ummah - business transaction, marital
affairs, daily activities and economy, to
omit the appointment of his Caliphate
which is the most important issue for the
Muslim Ummah
He also advised the Muslim sisters to
emulate the teaching of Sayyida Fatima
Zahra (SA)who only spent twenty years
(20) but contributed immensely to the
development and propagation of Islam,
urging them to be careful on the good
orientation of their children in this
exploitative society.
Earlier at occasion the chairperson of
Sisters Forum Malama Hafsat salisutold
our correspondent that the purpose of
this gathering was to comply with the
directive of our Leader Sheikh Ibraheem
Zakzaky that we should propagate the
Islamic message like our counterpart
men, and call on other Muslims Sisters to
be attending any program of Islamic
Movement any where in the country.