Press release


It is no longer unknown to the general public the brutal massacre mated on the members of the Islamic Movement and its leader Sheikh Ibrahim Zakzaky since Saturday till this present time. Numerous members whose number no one can ascertain were killed at Hussainiyya Baqiyyatullah, the residence of the Sheikh Zakzaky and the Darur-Rahma all in Zaria. Our centers destroyed and burnt to ashes including the residence of the Sheikh Ibrahim Zakzaky. In the ruthless attack, the leader of the Kano center a respected elder in the movement Sheikh Muhammad Turi was murdered together with Dr. Mustapha Sa’id and many other scholars. In this blood bath women and children were not spared. The murdering does not end with the destruction of centers and killing of people at Sunday as the Army are still condoning stop and search at all routes within and outside Zaria identifying the members of the movement and killing in a cold blood. The fate of the thousand casualties is not yet ascertain as most of the wounded were killed at Hussainiyya and Gyallesu.

Presently, the army has entered the residence of the leader of the Islamic Movement Sheikh Ibrahim Zakzaky, they shot at him and arrested him alive. Our call and words to both government and all concern is that, the life and the health of our leader must be secured. Everybody should know that the peace of this country centered on Sheikh Ibrahim Zakzaky. He is the only scholar that is generally known of making effort towards uniting various groups and religions towards understanding one another, hence, promotion of peaceful coexistence in the country. The fate of this nation is unknown if anything happen to our leader Sheikh Ibrahim Zakzaky. 

A word is enough for a wise.



Bauchi State Governor

Bauchi State House of Assembly

Director DSS

Nigerian Union of Journalist

Commissioner of Police

Commandant Nigerian  Army Bauchi

Bauchi Emirate Council


Ahmad Y Yashi

On behalf of the Muslim Brothers Bauchi Chapter