1st Annual Conference in honour of our Martyrs and a review of the Aftermath of Zaria Massacre’ Gentlemen of the press: The incident of 12 December 2015, which is known as the Zaria massacre is a disaster to humanity, as well as a disaster to the federal republic of Nigeria. It was a daylight massacre committed by men of the Nigerian army, without any constitutional or legal justification. There is no iota of doubt that the incident of Zaria Massacre was engineered by some foreign mercenaries with the intention of suppressing the Islamic movement in Nigeria, led by Sheikh Ibrahim Zakzaky. The motive behind Zaria massacre is never for the interest of Nigeria as a whole, rather for the collective interest of the initiators and the indigenous culprits. The massacre was said to occur as a result of a road blockade, in which a convoy of the Chief of Army Staff was involved. Men of the Nigerian army besieged members of the Islamic movement available at our Hussainiyyah centre, who were there in anticipation of a flag hoisting, to commence the celebration of month Rabi’ul Awwal, a birth month of the holy Prophet of Islam. At the centre, men of the Nigerian army shot over 50 members of the Islamic movement, all in the name of a road blockade. The Hussainiyyah centre is located at No. 1 Sokoto road, a far-off place from the Gyallesu quarters, where Sheikh Zakzaky resides. On Saturday 12th December, 2015 at exactly 10:30pm men of the Nigerian army arrived at the Gyallesu Quarters, where they shot live ammunitions which resulted to the death of many members of the Islamic movement. They spent the whole night shooting, and dozens were recorded death. On Sunday 13th December 2015, men of the Nigerian army got reinforcement of personnel and weapons, with which they succeeded in the massacre of citizens of Nigeria. During the massacre, they killed men and women, juveniles, and infants. There where cases reported that men of the Nigerian army shot some females in their private parts, they burnt people alive, and finally set ablaze the residence of Sheikh Zakzaky. We received the unfortunate news of the death of some members of Abul Fadl foundation, who were present at the residence of Sheikh Zakzaky. Some of them were burnt alive, while some were mercilessly shot to death. It was men armed to the teeth who have slaughtered all the biological sons of Sheikh Ibrahim Zakzaky, and multiples of men, women and children along with them, as if they were nothing. Doctors, Nurses, Engineers, Technicians, Journalists, men and women of all professions, there were even boys and girls among them. It is pertinent at this juncture to make it known to the public that there are some of our members who were captured alive and healthy. And yet, men of the Nigerian army fail to explain their whereabouts. Men of the Nigerian army owe the general public an explanation of the whereabouts of our members, who were whisked away and detained without any legal justification. All of them detained are undergraduate students of various institutions. They have spent over a year now in detention, without proper explanation of their whereabouts, and reasons why they were kept incommunicado for a while. We want to call all those who believe in the inalienable right of all human beings to fairness, justice and dignity, to help by joining us in a redoubled effort. We must protest this seemingly never ending series of outrages; we must make our voices heard.