A Plot Against Tomorrow's Peaceful Ashura Procession in Zaria Uncovered.

By Ammar Muhammad Rajab

Another vicious plan by the Nigerian military against tomorrow's Ashura procession in Zaria was uncovered. Credilble information reached us from among the army and those the meeting held with them. The commandant in charge of Rwarf road barrack in Sabon Gari local gov't has summoned some members of Izala sect, some First aid team members of Dariqa Sufi sect and some hoodlums today Tuesday, and gifted them with N5,000 each enclosed in an envelope on a special task he want them to Carry out tomorrow during the procession. After the meeting, he asked them to go back to the barrack at night where he will issue them black shirts written #FreeZakzaky on them which they will use on their plan to create violence during the procession.

They concluded to go back to the barrack through the entrance of NMS military school, the gate was initially shut down, but due to the plan it was opened today since around 4pm. They planned that, after the meeting those living far away from the barrack should sleep in the barrack, and those living nearby will be escorted by the military over the fence to their homes, before tomorrow.

The commandant paid the money in his pocket, credible reports assured!

IMN is not here to end tomorrow!!!

Plan as much as you are able, Allah is all seeing, and our protector as well