PICTURES: Some Injured during Kano Zone Arbaeen Trek

Thousands of followers of Shaikh Ibraheem Zakzaky from Kano Zone marked the beginning of this year’s Arabeen Trek today Monday 14th Safar, 1438 (14/11/2016) from Naibawa overhead bridge.

The Arbaeen Trekers were with hand held Imam Husain (AS) flags, posters urging for the unconditional release of the leader of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria Shaikh Zakzaky as well as chanting slogans and songs commemorating Yaumul Arbaeen and #Free Zakzaky#.
Amongst those present in the Arbaeen Trek were Mal Kasim Umar, Mal Sunusi AbdulKadir Koki, Mal Abbare and Dr John Danfulani.

Armed Policemen some minutes after the start of the trek spread tear gas and later live bullets on the peaceful Arbaeen trekkers injuring many as of now, with the medical team of the movement (ISMA) treating and taking off some causalities while the firing security agents
arresting any helpless tear gas follower of Shaikh Zakzaky (H) in their custody. The armed policemen later blocked the road leading to Kano and encircled the trekkers spearing additional tear gas and live ammunitions.