Pictures of Imam Ali (AS) Birthday Comemmoration in Kano

The birthday comemmoration was organised by the members of the islamic movement in Kano,and held on Friday 17th Rajab 1435 (16/5/2014) at the Markaz in the night.

Malam Muhammad Turi elaborated some virtues of Imam Ali (AS) making refrences from both Sunni and Shi'a School of thought, among which are the popular saying of our Noble Prophet (S) where he was reported saying "Indeed every Prophet of Allah have his successor and my successor is Ali." in a different tradition the prophet also said "Ali is with the Qur'an and Qur'an is with Ali the will never get separated till they meet me at the Paradise" to mention but few.

Malam Muhammad Turi later recited some recomended prayers of the holy month of Rajab and the Ziyarat of Imam Ali (AS) to mark the end of the gathering.

Below are some pictures taken during the comemmoration.