Photo Gallery

Pictures of FreeZakzaky peaceful protest in Katsina, Illele, Gombe and Saminaka

Below are the pictures from the #FreeZakzaky peaceful protest that took place on Tuesday 18/4/2017 in different cities across Nigeria demanding for the immediate and unconditional release of the le

Concerned Nigerian citizens organized a peaceful #FreeZakzaky Rally in Abuja

A group 'Concerned Nigerian citizens' have on Tuesday 11th April organized a peaceful rally calling on the federal Government of Nigeria to obey the court order and unconditionally release the lead

Birthday of Shaheed Hamid Ibraheem commemorated at the martyr's cemetery

On Monday 10/4/2017 the birthday of Shaheed Hamid Ibraheem Zakzaky was organized at the martyr's cemetery Dembo , Zaria.