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Dr. John Dan Fulani visits IMN Center in Bauchi 14/05/2017

Dr. John DanFulani visited IMN center at Bauchi on Sunday 14th May 2017 just to interact with the members of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria at Bauchi.

Sheikh Zakzaky: Prisoner of Conscience at 66

Muslim world over rejoice with humanity the birthday of Sahibul Zaman, Imam Mahdi (AF) who was born 15th Sha’aban.

Free Shaikh Zakzaky Protest by students at NASS Abuja today (10/05/2017)

More than 500 days after the illegal arrest and unconstitutional  detention of Shaikh Zakzaky and his wife Zeenat, meanwhile, more than a thousand of his followers were mercilessly massacred and bu