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Az-Zahra Maulud Proccession/Free Sheikh Zakzaky Held in Ilelah Sokoto

Sisters From of the Islamic Movement in Ilela Sokoto State organised Sayyida Fatima Az-Zahra's (SA) Maulud procession and Free Sheikh Zakzaky protest on Monday.

Maulud of Sayyida Fatima Az-Zahra Held In Ghana Republic

GHANA: Sisters of Ghana Islamic Movement Community in Republic of Ghana celebrated the birthday of the leader of all the Women Sayyida Fatimatul Zahra (AS) the daughter to the Noble Prophet Muhamma

Nigerian Police Stopped Birthday of Sayyida Fatima (as) in Kano

Sister forum of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria under the able leadership of Shaikh Ibraheem Zakzaky (H) were not left out in joining all believers and humanity in celebrating the birthday of the l