Pastor Y D Buru- ''The Cardinal Teaching of Christianity is Love'' +Pictures

Today, 25/12/2014 Academic Forum, Sisters Forum, Media Forum and Youth Forum of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria under the Leadership of Sayyid Ibraheem Zakzaky (H), celebrate the birthday of Isah AS (Jesus), at Christ Evangelical Church, Gbaghi Villa Sabon Tasha Kaduna.

Pastor Y D, bigins his sermon with  thanking  God for this wonderful day, your all welcome, I will like to welcome our brothers all from Adam AS (Muslims) siblings, today is day of charismas that’s why we decide to make it  a unity day, we actually call you to endure with the unity bonds we have, make it stronger.

‘’I will like to  sure  my  appreciation to our religious elders, we have break record as side because

 we are celebrating  with Muslims from different denomination in  our Church, he sermonette the significant of celebrating Christmas from the book of Luke in the Holy Bible, our politicians can’t save us but Jesus and Imam Mahdi (AFS) are our saviors and their expectations have no doubt, I don’t have anything to do with Muslims then but now I feel brotherhood bond with Muslims. If Muslim does not leave in peace with Christians then we are expecting imam Mahdi (ASF), Christmas should be a symbol of unity, the cardinal teaching of Christianity is love,  I am not afraid of no one but Allah that created Me. please my regards to  Sayyid Shiekh Ibraheem Zakzaky (H)’’ Pastor added

 Finally Pastor Yohannaa Y D Buru prayed for love, Peace and Prosperity.