Pastor Buru's Church 7th Year Anneversery 2015

Today Sunday 8 November 2015, Brothers and sister of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria under the leadership and spiritual guidance of his eminence Sheikh Ibraheem Yaquob Zakzaky, rejoice with Christ evengical and intercessory fellowship ministry, Gbagi Villa sabon Tasha Kaduna for the 7th year anniversary of their ministry. Praising and worshiping, Hymns, welcome addressing, General overseas speech cutting of cake are among the event recognised.

Pressing pastor of the ministry Pastor Yohanna Y D Buru in his remark show appreciation to the lord for his infinit mercy. pastor also shed light on the significance and the impact among humanity. He also thought the creation of human initiation from Adam and Eve and all the religions merged to Abraham.

He added that most honor is given to the Brothers and Sisters of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria. " I respect the Religion of Islam and Muslim" I am bragging by the year 2013 I attended 67 Maulud whom I was invited by Muslims to give a talk about the Apostle of Allah, it was a honoured he stressed.
Pastor urged the need for peace reconciliation and dialogue with one another and pray for friends' well wishes and lobed ones for rejoicing with our ministry's 7th year anniversary.