Pakistan hails Shia Schoolboy as hero.

Pakistan hails Shia
schoolboy as hero
A Shia Pakistani school boy is
being hailed as a national hero
after sacrificing his life to stop
a Taliban bomber in Khyber
Pakhtunkhwa Province.
The 15- year-old Aitizaz
Hassan was given Pakistan’s
highest award for gallantry on
The student prevented a
tragedy when he threw himself
on top of a man who came to
bomb his school in the
northwestern district of Hangu
on Monday.
The attacker was forced to
detonate his bomb at the gate
of the school with one-
thousand pupils inside.
Hassan died in hospital but
none of the students were hurt
in the attack.
After his death, the office of
Pakistani Prime Minister Nawaz
Sharif said it had advised
President Mamnoon Hussain
“to approve the conferment of
Sitara-e-Shujjat (Star of
Bravery) to Shaheed (Martyr)
Aitzaz Hassan,” adding,
“Shaheed (martyr) Hassan's
brave act saved the lives of
hundreds of students and
established a sterling example
of gallantry and patriotism.”
And now tributes are pouring in
for his act of bravery. His
father, Mujahid Ali says he is
proud of his son because he
saved the lives of his fellow
The developments come as
several Shia religious
gatherings have been targeted
in different parts of the country
over the past few months.
Shia Muslims in Pakistan say
the government must take
decisive action against the
forces involved in the targeted
killings. They also accuse
Islamabad of failing to provide
security for the Muslim
Meanwhile, large crowds of
demonstrators have held
massive protest rallies to
condemn attacks on Shia
Muslims in recent weeks.
The protesters also expressed
their "categorical rejection of
hate speech and incitement to
violence" against the Shia
They blamed the foreign-
funded Takfiri elements and
pro-Taliban groups for the
violence saying that the
government must take decisive
action against them.