Over 60 Days of the Atrocious Unnecessary Zaria Massacre: Students Demand for Justice

It has been over 60 days since the tragedy of the Zaria massacre. Justice is yet to prevail. The army bunch of liars told the National Human Rights Commission that they killed only seven (7) members of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria (IMN) as if it is lawful to kill even a
single person.  May be they divided the actual number by 100 because the Movement has released a provisional list of 750 missing persons. Families of these victims are still crying because they are being kept in suspense not knowing whether their kith and kin are dead or alive.

Several hundreds of members of the Islamic movement were brutally killed. Our revered leader Ayatullah Allamah Zakzaky (H) and his wifeMalama Zeenah  remain detained incommunicado. Other members are illegally detained in Kaduna prison. Yet others are still missing. All these are sad situations to .humanity in all and the so called world humanitarians keep quite. Permit me to go on a memory. On 13th November 2015, 130 people were killed in France (Paris attack) the world condoled France and took strict measures in seeing that the culprits were brought to justice. Why not Islamic Movement? Why not Nigerians? Are they not human beings?The Zaria massacre was done barely a month after the Paris attack.

In our case, the perpetrators (Kaduna State and The Nigerian Army) are the prosecutors. Does the Attorney general know his powers or reluctant to apply same?Also of recent the Commander in Chief expressed condolence on the Dalori massacre. Why didn't he defer this
until after a panel of inquiry as he did in the Zaria massacre? After all they are all humans and bonafide Nigeria citizens irrespective of whether the attackers are the Army or Boko haram. In Dalori, which is not far from the supposed relocated headquarters of the Army, terrorists were allowed to massacre innocent lives for many hours unabated. However, in Zaria several kilometers from the headquarters of 1 Div. Nigerian Army, Soldiers armed to the teeth, were able to coordinate and reinforce to win a "war" on armless civilians! This disparity has affirmed our stance that the Zaria massacre was preplanned coordinated and executed against the IMN.

Lastly, without much-ado we demand the immediate and unconditional release of his Eminence Sheikh Ibraheem el-Zakzaky, his wife and all brothers detained. All dead bodies should be   given back for proper Islamic burial which they deserve.

We still demand justice! We still demand justice!! We still demand justice!!!.


Abdullahi Sistani,

(08060612304 )