Our trekking from distances to this place (Husainiyyah Baqiyyatullah, Zaria) is our way of saying “Ya laitana kunna ma’akum “ (We wish we were with you): Sheikh Zakzaky at Yaumul Arbaeen

The killing of Imam Hussain (a.s) is like demolishing his ideology and demolishing his ideology is like demolishing the entire religion, despite the intervention of Allah upon the holy prophet and his companions in the battle of badr the aim of arabs of killing the prophet and demolishing the religion would have been achieved.

If their aim is to kill Hussain (a.s) why will they prevent him from water?, and if they are to prevent him from water why will they prevent his companions? And if they are to stop his companions from water what is the crime of his little son (Abdullah) that make them not to give him a drop of water when Imam ask them to quash his thirst? They instead gave him an arrow in his throat as the water?

The tragedy of karbala have nothing to do with politics, its just the matter of demolishing the religion of Allah (S)

Imam Hussain (a.s) have proof that swords are not weapons but sacrifice is the greatest weapon. Swords are just the weapons of injustice and wicked leaders but the weapon of the trust worthy is sacrifice, No one have ever had of the sacrifice of Imam Hussain (a.s) without giving him a salute, Sheikh made an example with the quote of Mahatma Ghandi which says”If every body in the world will sacrifice himself like Hussain the world could have live in peace forever”. Nothing have stop the zions and their puppets from attacking Syria than the fear of the real followers and the grandsons of Imam Hussain (a.s).

The Sacrefice of Imam Hussain (a.s) is the pure example of how blood  became victorious over a sword, because the aim of the killers of Imam Hussain (a.s) is to kill him and demolished the religion of Allah, they killed him but killing him make the religion alive forever.

Imam Hussain have perfomed a successful revolution because revolution is not just the change of the govement but is the total change of the people’s minds. The ziyarat of Imam Hussain began in the year that the Imam was killed and continues till date despite all the challenges those who perfomed the ziyarat faced in history, and today is the highest gathering in the world.

With Imam Hussain (a.s) in Karbala there is a Christian who was also killed in the battle his name is wahab he followed Imam to karbala together with his wife and mother and they were also killed with him even though they believe with the imamate of Hussain (a.s) and the prophet hood of his grandfather before they were killed. Even at Yazid’s palace a roman asked whose head was brought to the palace? They answered him with”Is the head of Hussain the grandson of the holy prophet, Then the roman say “May the Curse of Allah be on to Yazid and his armies. Yazid ask his armies to killed him, before they killed him he repeat the “Kalmah Shahada”.

Our trekking from distances to this place is our way of saying “Ya laitana kunna ma’akum “ (We wish we were with you)

After all the attempts of some wahabis in Nigeria in other to make this trekking unsuccessful which have pass in vain following the unveiling of their secrets by the leader of the Islamic movement in Nigeria which make them change their plans.

After the Zuhrain prayer Sheikh Zakzaky (H) quote a hadith from the holy prophet which the part of it says”…Is the caused whoever had of Hussain’s tragedy and didn’t cry for him, and Allah’s mercy will be bestowed upon whoever cry for Hussain (a.s)….” Karbala is not just a historic event that passed, its also the present and it’s the issue that divide the world in to two till date its either you are for Hussain or you are against him.

Sheikh Zakzaky later recite the “ziyaratul arbaeen” and later close the gathering with the prayer.