Our silence does not mean that we have forgotten everything: Sheikh Ibrahim Zakzaky at Mbormi

On Sunday 26th Safar, 1435 (29th December 2013) is the final day in the annual conference organized by the academic forum of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria to commemorate the 110th year of the martyrdom of Caliph Attahiru and his armies at Mbormi, the closing program was held at Mbormi the place where the Caliph and his armies were killed by the colonist. A series of displays were carried out including a parade from the Bajoga Fudiyya students and the Hurras of the Islamic movement.

Sheikh Zakzaky delivered the closing speech, here is the brief summary of his speech; The intention of caliph Attahiru is not to convey the troop that will fight the colonist but is to convey a troop and leave sokoto to Bima (a secure place) unfortunately reaching there the colonist attack him, he fought back and move to Mbormi.

The mission of the colonist was to destroy all the towns they come across and killed it residents. The struggle of caliph Attahiru have clearly shown that they choose to die than to surrender to the colonist and the colonist prove that they will do everything in other to accomplish their mission.

The colonist and their puppets have done well in making us to forget about the struggle of caliph Attahiru in many ways some of these ways are; not allowing people to rebuild the Mbormi, Not allowing people to rebuild the “GANUWA”(a building that surround towns in the early Hausa localities used in deffence), they gave the fake account of the history of Shehu Uthman Bn Fodio’s revolution, they also use the indirect rule by assigning their puppets to be the rullers this is the reason behind their efforts in seeing that the ongoing movie about Shehu Uthman Bn Fodio and his ideal revolution that will be produced by the Islamic movement production was not successful, because it will condemn the fabrications they have spread against Shehu.

They have plans to destroy islam and muslims in Nigera since they come to Nigeria and it was impossible for them at that very period, so they plan it to be a future mission, but as you can see now, the period they have fixed for that have come because it is now clear in their mission that government must destruct Islam in other to make a peaceful Nigeria. They are trying to show that Nigeria have no any problem than Islam.

We have not accepted the situation you have forced us to be in, no matter how hard the situation could be we are with our beliefs, our silence doesn’t mean that we have forgotten everything and it doesn’t mean that we have surrender to the colonist. We are aware of all these, even our gathering in this very place (Mbormi) have proof that we have not forgotten. And we are saying the sacrifice of caliph Attahiru and his armies shall never be ineffectual, with this we say enough is enough of all these.

Mbormi have been destroyed because the system used in that period (Islamic system) is not the one in power today. The rebuilding of Mbormi is the returning of the system that lead Mbormi’s residents (i.e.) Islam. And now is the period of the returning of Islam, Islam must lead us.

Sheikh Ibrahim Zakzaky (H) concluded the gathering with a prayer.