Our martyrs are victorious -Sheikh Zakzaky (h)

By Idris Sulayman
The leader of the Islamic movement in Nigeria, Sheikh Ibrahim Zakzaky (h) stated that the movement is progressing with the blood of martyrs.
The statement was said on Saturday 1st June 2013, during the annual martyrs day 'Yaumu shuhada' at the premises of polo pitch, sokoto road, zaria.
The event commenced exactly at around 10:00pm with opening prayer as well as Qur'anic recitation.
Hurras entertained the public with a ceremonial parade. Followed by a brief assessment of the foundations activities, by Malam Abdulhamid Bello.
Sheikh Zakzaky (h) began with expressing gratitude to almighty Allah (h) for his blessings upon the movement.
Sheikh Zakzaky (h) stressed that the martyrs day was purposely fixed same day with the martyrdom of Imam Musa Al-kazeem (as).
"We will not conduct the martyrdom of Imam Kazim (as), because it is not yet time. Today is 22nd Rajab 1434, and Imam's martyrdom is on 25th rajab. We will conduct it when the time comes."
"The blessed among us can now see some martyrs in these event. They usually visits our events and their family occasionally. So, they are not death, they are alive." He said
The revered leader warned those behind the killings of the martyrs, for they are loosers and the martyrs are victorious.
"They are always planning for how to crush us, which is not possible. For that (part of the plan) they arrested a kaduna based citizen Malam ibrahim Hussain and Malam Haruna Abbas."
"We are not terrorist, it is the large crowd that disturbed them. They misunderstood us, we didn't preached with gun, it is decency and humbleness that attracts the crowd." Sheikh Zakzaky (h) added.
Sheikh zakzaky (h) finally urged members of the Islamic movement to stay firm and avoid engaging in evil acts; such as unlawful accumulation of wealth.
The event was concluded after gifts presentation.