Sheikh Ibrahim Zakzaky and Nigerian dictator Buhari

Nigeria is witnessing that ugly metamorphosis in their incumbent president. Muhammadu Buhari is asserting himself, though, as an unreconstructed tyrant. An older version of the military dictator he used to be.

Since his return to power, Buhari has made a duty of going to United Nations General Assembly and openly express support for the independence quests of the peoples of Western Sahara and Palestine, he casts the disaffected Nigerians interrogating the British bequest called Nigeria as rebels craving for war: He calls them malcontents worthy of extermination. 


By Muhammad Ndanusa

The unconscious president of Nigeria, whose true health status is been concealed, failed to utter a word either in condemnation of or sympathize with the families of the over 1,000 victims of the historic Zaria Massacre.

Zaria Massacre which occurred in December 2015 would continue to be a national disaster, and a topic of discussion in the history of our dear country. Some persons would be subjects of lamentation and curse, while the names of victims of the massacre would be celebrated.

JUST IN: Security Operatives Arrest 20 Students of ABU, Zaria Belonging to IMN

Security operatives of Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria in conjunction with external securities arrested 20 students of the University belonging to Islamic Movement in Nigeria under the leadership of Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky.

They were arrested while conducting du'a Kumayl, a weekly du'a as usual.

The reason of the arrest is still unknown.

Details later.


The Senate President, National Assembly Complex , Three Arms Zone,

Dear Sir,


We are the Members of the Academic Forum of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria under the leadership of Shaikh Ibraheem Yaqub Zakzaky (H). We wish to remind you about the brutal crack down of Muslims in Zaria by the Nigerain Army.

Today, we are commemorating the one year of the genocide that took place in Zaria between 12th to 14th December 2015 which led to the death of over 1000 of our brothers and sisters.

EU Condemns continued detention of Sheikh Zakzaky

The EU Heads of Mission note that the decision by a Federal High Court in Abuja ordering Mr. Ibrahim El-Zakzaky’s immediate release from custody by the State Security Service has not been enforced.
The EU underlines the universality of fundamental human rights, which includes the right to a fair trial and freedom from arbitrary detention. We find it worrying that Mr. Zakzaky has been detained for more than a year without having been brought to Justice.

Groups present human rights award to Sheikh Zakzaky, others

An Anti-Human Right Violation organization, Centrum Initiative for Development and Fundamental Rights Advocacy (CEDRA), in conjunction with Advocate Movement of Nigeria, a student group at the University of Nigeria, Enugu campus, UNEC have presented human right advocacy awards to Ekiti state Governor, Ayodele Fayose, Leader of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria, IMN, El-Zakzaky, traditional ruler of Okwe Kingdom, HRH Igwe, Dr Emmanuel O Ugwu and others for their doggedness in defending rights of citizens in Nigeria in the face of oppression.

Detention of Sheikh Zakzaky, Security and Public Interest or Assassination Attempt?

All conscious and right thinking human being could simply judge the atrocities of Nigerian Army in Zaria massacre of December 2015 as a planned mission by the President Buhari’s administration to crush peaceful Islamic Movement in Nigeria under the guardianship of Sheikh Ibrahim Zakzaky as directed by western imperialist precisely United State. The time has come which Nigerian Government should stop deceiving herself as the perpetrators of these heinous acts against its own citizens and stop naming it Army/Shi’ite clash.

Peaceful Free Sheikh Zakzaky protest Continues in Gombe Nigeria

Peaceful Free Sheikh Zakzaky protest Continues in Gombe Nigeria today 21-01-2017 By Brothers and sisters of the Islamic movement in Nigeria under leadership of Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky, the protesters demanding the immediate and unconditional release of Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky
Below are some pictures taken during the protest.