Blessings of Prophet Muhammad’s birthday belong to all seekers of liberation and justice

I would like to congratulate all of you honorable audience, the dear guests, who have come here from other countries, the ambassadors of Islamic countries and also all the great people of Iran - who proved their kindness and commitment to the issue of prophethood in practice - on this auspicious and great Eid. I also congratulate the entire Islamic Ummah - who has a feeling of unity and unanimity centered on the auspicious name of the Holy Prophet (s.w.a.) - on this great Eid. I would like to extend my congratulation to all the liberated people throughout the world on this auspicious Eid.


As usual Islamic Movement uses to organize unity week every year during Maulud celebration right from 12th to 17th day of Rabi-Al-auwal. This year 1439/2017 is not an exception as the members of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria have organised another unity week in Bauchi. Different scholars were invited at the event within and outside Bauchi metropolitan and the Islamic Movement at large.

Pictures from the Funeral of Kano Axis Arbaeen Symbolic Trek's Martyr

Shaheed Umar Ahmad was one of the IMN members that attained martyrdom during this years Arbaeen symbolic trekking in Nigeria from Kano axis, his body was taken by the Nigerian Police for about 23 days and was given to the IMM yesterday for burial. The funeral took place in his hometown Gano on Sunday 14th Rabi'ul Auwal, 1439AH (3/12/2017) and was led by Dr. Sanusi AbdulKadir successfully. Pictures by Muhammad Isa Ahmad.

IMN marks the Beginning of Unity Week with a peaceful march and rallies in many Nigerian cities

The annual Unity week (12th-17th Rabiul Auwal of the Hijirah calender) marked by Muslim world wide has commence in Nigeria by the IMN under the Leadership of Shaikh Ibraheem Zakzaky (H) with a peaceful march pass and rally in different cities of the country by its members welcoming the birthday of our Noble Prophet Muhammad (SAWA).

Quran, Ka'aba and Love for Prophet's lineage are pivots of Muslim Unity: Ayatollah Khamenei

Through our love for Ahl-ul-bait, Muslims can unite for a common cause; this can be a pivotal step towards the unification of Muslims. As the Prophet of Islam (PBUH) serves as a pivot for unity among Muslims, as the Quran and the Ka'bah are pivots of Muslim unity, the love for Ahl-uhl-bait can also be pivotal towards uniting Muslims and connecting their hearts.


We are in the know that the Sokoto state Governor, Aminu Tambuwal has consented to a grand plot to stage a massive crackdown on IMN and its members in Sokoto state. This will involve massive killing of members, including women and children, as well as wanton destruction of properties that will include residential houses and business premises.