Annual Maulud Procession (Zaria)

Today the 29th January 2013 this is equivalent to 18th Rabi’ul Awwal 1434. The annual maulud procession took place in Zaria, Nigeria. The procession starts from a place called ‘Kofan Kuyanbana’ and ends at Hussainiyyah Baqiyatullah.

After some series of demonstration distributed by different tribes to illustrate unity and love to prophet Mal. Abdul-Hamid Bello introduced Sayyeed Zakzaky to the podium.



Day 5th Unity Week (Night session)

The speaker guest Sheikh Bazullah Abdul-Qadir Nasir Kabara from was introduced by mal. Mansur Gumel. Sheikh Bazullah is close student of mal. Nasir Kabara’s teaching circle, he attended ma’ahad Islamic school headed by sheikh Nasiru kabara. Sheikh Bazullah is also the shell in charge of tafsir of Alshafa.

4th Day of the Annual Unity Week (Night Session)

The second lecture on day 4 of the Unity week programme was on the Necessity of Protecting the Honour of the Prophet delivered by Sheikh Ismail Sheikh Shuaibu from Niamey Niger republic.

He started his lecture by explaining the necessity of protecting the Honour of the Best of Creatures. He said protecting him does not only involves protecting him against swords, as shown by Imam Ali(AS) or against  arrows as displayed Nusaiba(RA); it also involves protecting the Prophet against dishonor, desecration and insult by the enemies of Islam which is currently happenings.

4th Day of the Annual Unity Week

Today 27/01/2013 is the fourth (4) day of the unity week.
Today's topic is: the importance of the love of the progeny of the holy prophet Muhammad(SAWA)
Before the commencement of the event there were various poems presented which all praises to the holy prophet Muhammad (SAWA) and to sayyeed Zakzaky (H). The lecture was presented by Sheikh Hassan Saleh Abdullahi he was born in Makurdi, He studied at Minna College of arts and studies, and he is currently working at college of Arabic studies. The event started with a brief introduction by Mallam Adamu Tsoho.

3rd Day Of The 10th Annual Unity Week (13th Rabi'ul Awwal) 25th January 2013

Today Saturday 26-01-2013, equivalent to 14-03-1434 (H) is the third day of the 10th annual unity week, held at Hussainiyya Baqiyatullah Zaria Kaduna State.

The topic titled the lessons from the Islamic awakning.

By sheikh Miqdad Sulaiman who is the chief imam of Assadiq mosque (Alagomeji) lagos state Nigeria and also the founder of Alwahyu Islamic foundation, Chaired by mal mukhtar sahabi

Second Day Of The 10th Annual Unity Week (13th Rabi'ul Awwal) 25th January 2013

The event was chaired by Malama Aisha Abdulrahman who presented Malama Maimuna Hussein replacing Hajiya Bilkisu who could not make it due to certain reasons. She presented a lecture on the conspiracies of Zionists on Islam today, she started her lecture by speaking about explaining certain methods Zionists follow in order to create a bad image of Islam and also create differences between Muslims, such as a concept she mentioned quote “divide and rule”

1st Day of the Annual Unity Week (Night session)

The night session of the program started at 9:00pm, this session was chaired by Mallam Abdulhamid Bello, he presented the first lecturer Prof. Ezo Abdulfatah Chlemedlzle who presented a speech on the topic “Islam in Southern Nigeria “He explained the Islam in different parts of the Southern Nigeria and even made an example of the similarities between all and mentioned that the difference is only that of language. He concluded his speech by saying some compliments to Sayyid Zakzaky (H).


Today 12th Rabi’ul Awwal 1432 H (24th January 2013) marks the the first day of the annual unity week held by the Islamic Movement in Nigeria which usually takes place from the 12th- 17th of Rabi’ul Awwal to celebrate the Maulud of the prophet (S.A.W), scholars from different Islamic sects are usually invited to the event to deliver speeches about different topics that would contribute to the unity of the Islamic ummah.
The event started at about 3:30-4:00 pm, the opening prayer was said and some members of the union of poets of the Islamic Movement presented some songs.