21st Day Ashura Mourning

On Sunday 24th November, 2013 (21st Muharram, 1435AH) Ashura mourning continued at Husainyya Baqiyyatullah, Zaria.

Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky (H) continued from where they took the family members of Imam Husain (AS) to kufa by Umar Ibn Sa'ad, Sayyida Zainab Bnt Ali (AS), Fatimatus Sugra Bnt Husain (AS), Ali Ibn Husain (AS) gave speech at the palace which made all the people present cried painfully.

Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky led the Maghrib and Isha'i prayer, Ziyaratu Ashura, followed by the closing prayer.

20th Day Ashura Mourning

On Saturday 23rd November, 2013 (20th Muharram, 1435AH), mourning Ashura event continued at Husainiyya Baqiyyatullah, Zaria.

 Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky (H) Spoke on how people denied the important of Ahlul Bayt (AS) even though they respect the Arabs and Quraysh because the Holy prophet came from them but neglected Banu Hashim, the tribe the Holy prophet came from.

 Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky (H) led the Maghrib and Isha'i prayer, Ziyaratu Ashura, Dua'ul Faraj, followed by the closing prayer. 

Re- Northern Nigeria: An Iranian haven's future implications

By Ibrahim Usman: From all indication, a hand behind the curtain is aggressively impatient to fuel trouble in Nigeria. The series of syndicated write-ups being promoted through the international media (re-echoed by Nigerian media), by so-called research centers, have exposed sponsors of this calculated campaign of calumny. The subjects of these write-ups have always been Iran, Hizbullah and the Islamic Movement under the spiritual guidance of Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky.

RE: Northern Nigeria: An Iranian haven's future implications

By Dr A. Danladi: Few months ago, one Anayochukwu Agbo of the Tell magazine was commissioned to carry a malicious and defamatory script to tarnish the image of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria. Similar or almost the same mischievous articles were reechoed by other print media. This time around it is a combination of Konye Obaji Ori and Charles Idem of The African Reporter that have been given the dirty job. The same allegations of Iranian backing and arming the Islamic Movement in Nigeria (IMN) are carried, only that this time more carelessly and recklessly.