Clampdown on IMN: The Whole Truth and Nothing But the Truth. Part (2)

Initially, President MuhammaduBuhari had contested several times to become president of Nigeria but had not succeeded. Even in 2011 when he lost elections, his angry supporters clamped down on People Democratic Party (PDP) members burning down their property and even killing Christians in some places in Northern Nigeria.

Clampdown on IMN: The Whole Truth and Nothing But the Truth. Part (1)

Since the advent of Islamic Republic of Iran after a successful revolution led by AyatullahRuhullahKhumaini (QS) in 1979, America has been on its feet to see that the regime was brought down by all means. This became necessary for several reasons some of which are very obvious. These obvious reasons include among others the issue of global supremacy. The capitalists with America in the lead were already taking the lead in a cold war against the communists led by the then Union of Soviet Socialists Republic (USSR).

Nigerian Police Stopped Birthday of Sayyida Fatima (as) in Kano

Sister forum of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria under the able leadership of Shaikh Ibraheem Zakzaky (H) were not left out in joining all believers and humanity in celebrating the birthday of the leader of all Women Sayyida Fatimatul Zahra (SA) the daughter to our Noble Prophet (SAWW) the leader of all Mankind, a day set aside as “Womens Day” by Imam Ayatullah Ruhullah Khomeni (QS) today, Saturday 20th Jumadal Thani, 1438 (18/3/2017) at Royal Tropicana Hotels, Kano, Nigeria.