Arba'een Commemoration Held in Zaria

People in Zaria city witnessed a massive gatherings of hundreds of thousands who attended Ar'baeen commemoration on Friday the 20th of Safar 1433 (4/1/13). The black dressed mourners matched to Zaria from far and near.

About forty thousand people trekked a distance of over 140 km for six days to Zaria From Kano for the event. Thosuands also trekked from Kaduna, Abuja, Jos and several towns and villages. They marched on foots,from village to village, narrating the message of Ashura to villagers who had never heard about the heinous crimes committed against the Family of the holy Prophet(SAWA). They all gathered in Zaria at Race Course where Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky delivered a lenghty lecure on the event of Ar'baeen.

The Leader spoke on the origin of Ar'abeen commemoration citing the first Ar'baeen held after the event of Karbala. He said Ar'abeen is now commemorated by millions yearly in Karbala. He also said Imam Husain(Alaihis salam) is the symbol of sufferings of Ahulbayt(AS) in general and center of attraction for the hearts of believers.

The Sheikh Led afternoon prayers and recitated Ziyara of Ar'baeen. He also led funeral prayer for shaheed Muhammad Jawad and Husain Ishaq who passed away after an accident along their way to Zaria for Ar'baeen. They were buried at Shuhada' Cemetry in zaria.