Islamic Vocational Course Organized by Academic Forum Enters Second Day

Islamic Vocational Course Organized by Academic Forum Enters Second Day:
The annual Islamic Vocational Course(IVC) organized by Academic Forum of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria, Kaduna chapter, under the spiritual leadership of Sayyid Ibraheem Zakzaky continued to the second day.
The program is taking place at Mararrabar Jos, Kaduna. It began yesterday, Friday, 8/9/2017, with numerous students in attendance from pre-tertiary and tertiary institutions drawn from different campuses within the Kaduna metro police.
On day one, different speakers acknowledged the attendants on different themes.
Dr. Fatemah Isma’il delivered her Speech on the topic “The concept of Islam Unity, Lessons for the Ummah”.
Malam Sulaiman Rahamah delivered his lectures on “Ta’qibaat” supplications and recitations that are supposed to be recited after each and every obligatory and suppreragatory prayers and their spiritual significance. He also speaks at length regarding the concurrent month Dhul Hijjah, its Ta’qeebat, Wordly and spiritual significance, as it is the month of/for declaration of Wilayah.
On day two, Engineer Abbas Abdullahi enlighten the participants on significance and positive impact of “Social Media” towards the spread of Islamic call.
He added that, it is a great opportunity for all brothers and sisters of the Islamic Movement that are interacting with social media to make a positive use of the medium in spreading the call of Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky. It is high time for the dynamic World particularly our immediate environment, Nigeria, to be acknowledged with the aims and objectives of Sheikh Zakzaky’s call. He added.
Compiled by Abdullahi Isah Wasagu