There is Neither Qur'anic Injunction Nor Prophetic Tradition that Authorize Criticism on Either Schools of Thought in Islam: Says Abdullahi Zango

By Muhammad Ibraheem Zuru

Hujjatul Islam Abdullahi Zango from Islamic Republic of Iran and disciple of Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky stated these during a one day National Unity Week program of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria under the spiritual guidance of his eminence Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky(H) held in Kaduna on Tuesday, 13th of December, 2016, at Kwara State Governors lodge, Kaduna.

Hujjatul Islam Abdullahi Zango started his lectures by lamenting over how some faction of Sunni Islam are contradicting intercession in Islam. He accounted some instances of intersession in epoch of history outside the Islamic conviction. He mentioned that of Mahatma Gandhi of India, where having interceded with the Holy Prophet of Allah, upon whose his success lied, today, in India, the birth date of Mahatma Gandhi is a National Day in India.

He also mentioned that of Nelson Mandela of South Africa, where he quoted from his speeches about the Holy Prophet. Nelson Mandela dreamed the Holy Prophet, interceded with him over his critical condition of incarceration, as result of which influenced his mind to visit the Holy Imam Hussain in his shrine at Karbala after he assumed office as President of South Africa.

Hujjatul Islam Abdullahi Zango while commenting on the verse that call on Islamic brotherhood and fastening to the rope of Allah, lamented over how many Wahhabi faction are criticizing other schools of though base on their held creed. He stated that, Allah the Most High has commanded all Muslim to fasten to the brotherhood in Islam. He rejoined on the fabricated Ahadith that, "Parting of Muslim Ummah is a blessing". He acknowledged that, such Ahadith are Israelite Ahadith in their plunge in Islam with a view to re-widening the versification of Muslim Ummah and to make them part from fastening together as commanded by Almighty God.

Hujjatul Islam, categorically asserted that, there is no place in Islam either from Qur'anic injunction or Prophetic Hadith that authorize any faction of Muslims to criticize either schools of though owing to differences in philosophical understanding.

Rejoining on the smeared-campaign on Jafariyyah School of though on Mushaf Fatimah--a said fabricated Holy in Qur'an-- in possession by Shi'ites followers, he said, "Years upon years, since the commencement of the calumny, there is never a presentation of even purported photocopy of the Holy Qur'an different from the one revealed by Allah in possession by the Shi'ites."

He therefore emphasized on the necessity of unity among the Muslim upon which Allah the Most High commanded all his servants to strictly adhered to.

According to him, this is the basic pros and cones upon the farsightedness of late Imam Ruhullah al-Khomeini (Q.S) established the seven days interval between 12 to 17th of Rabi'ul Auwal of every year, as Unity Week upon which scholars from different denominations in Islam are invited to pay their contributions towards the unity of Muslim Ummah.

At the end of his lectures, he commended the noble effort of Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky for the foot-print of Imam Khomeini(Q.S) in providing a medium in which scholars from different creeds are invited with a view to breaching the existing differences among the Muslims Ummah.

Numerous brothers and sisters from around the zone were in attendance during the one day program.