Sheikh Zakzaky: ethnic groups, regions are NOT Problems at all

During the Inaugural ceremony of the Association of Christian/Muslim Alternative to Conflict(C-MAC) held at Arewa House Conference Hall, Kaduna on Wednesday the 9th of January 2013, the Leader of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky delivered a goodwill message

to the attendants comparising of Muslim Clerics, Bishops and large number of both Muslims and Christians participants.In his message the Leader wished the Association the best of success in its endeavour to achieve its goals adding that the Islamic Movement in Nigeria will contribute to the success of the new association.

He further said the problems in Nigeria are perceived by people to be many whereas it is not. He elaborated that having ethnic groups is blessing from Allah as nobody has made an application to choose the ethnic group or area he wants to be. He therefore said, the issue of regions and ethnicity are not problems at all. This is because; he said these are natural things which have no solutions.

Speaking further on issue of religion he outlined that religion is the matter of believe and conviction and working in accordance with its teachings. He therefore said religion is to do with discussions on areas where adherents of the religions agree and where they differ. He however, stressed that one thing which is very clear is that “we must live together”.

He further called on all people to embrace peace “if we must live together why then must we fight” adding that people must skip the problems and go to the solutions. He further stated that ‘are we going to have a country with single religion?’ the answer is No, he said, adding that then people must live together in harmony.

On the issue of crises in Nigeria, Sheikh Zakzaky stated that whenever there are crises, look for those who benefits from the crises, one can easily arrive at the right answer. One of the causes of crises in Nigeria is by the leaders just to maintain their position on Power, the Sheikh said. He therefore warned that those who cause crises for power and selfish interest will be consumed by it one day. He also called on all the people, especially the youths, not to be used or involved in any crises whatsoever.