It is more than nine month since the Nigerian army with a tacit approval of the Nigerian government carried out one of the heinous massacre in recent memory. It was on Sunday 12th December 2015 that the Nigerian soldiers embarked upon the killings of members of the Islamic movement in Nigeria, killing dozens of our members in front of Hussainiya Baqiyatullah, and returned later on to lay siege to the sanctuary which led to the massacre of hundreds of our members cold-bloodedly. The killings did not stop them from laying another siege to the residential area of our supreme leader Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky which also culminated in the killings of hundreds, including another three of Shiek Zakzaky's children and high profile members of the movement. Despite the kind of brazen inhumanity unleashed on our members , that did not stop them from demolishing our sanctuary, Hussainiya, desecrating our graveyards Darurrahma, razing down our Islamic research center and vandalizing the grave of Shiek Zakzaky's mother. It is visible even to the blind that the issue of road blockade was only used as a trojan horse to justify the massacre of innocent citizens so as to incite us into armed insurgency. Unknown to them , Shiekh Zakzaky was and still is an exponent of peace and he will never ask his followers to resort to violence under any guise. We have taken to the street today 28/08/2016 as we always do, to exert more pressure on the Nigerian government to as a matter of urgency to release our leader in order to enable him to have access to his doctors. Releasing Shiek Zakzaky, his wife and hundreds of his followers who have been incarcerated without reason is our demands and we will never stop protesting until they are release and justice is done to hundreds of our brothers unjustifiably massacred and detained without trials. Musa Bayi Mohammed AFIMN Bauchi State chapter. Contact: 08116939932