Fulani Celebrated Maulud of Nabiy and Sheikh Usman Ibn Fodio at Hussainiyyah Baqiyatullah

The program started with the opening prayer by malam Aliyu from katsina, followed by a qur’anic recitation. After the arrival of the guest speaker, Sayyid Zakzaky (H), a cultural dance and song were domostrated by the members of a group known  as ‘kautal ko’e julbe’of katsina and mina respectively.
Malam Muhammad Abbare from Gombe is the first speaker who spoke in Fulfulde, on a topic a brief history of Shehu Usman bin Fodio, he started by quoting a hadith that says ‘Allah may bless among his sarvants both the good ones and thee bad ones with the worldly wealth, but  only some selected ones will be giving guidance' as an example he mention fir’auna and prophet Suleiman who are both his servants and were blessed to  be kings in this world. But we all know that fir’aun is not obedient to Allah.
He added Allah as our creator knows all about us, therefore he send a divine rule to us to suit our demand. Among the examples He made about this he said if a person will use water instead of a fuel in a car the car will never move, likewise when you keep turning a volume of a radio set in other to find a radio station u will never get any result.
Shehu Usman have come and meet his society as a Muslims, Bawa jangwarzo (the king) is a Muslim  and also a chief Imam, but Islam is not what they use as their  constitution, peoples only serve the interests of king, therefore shehu started teaching people as a teacher he tried to show them that no one have the authority to give them a command except  Allah. At that very time the kings try to fight sheikh and his people because they know his teaching will lead people to serve Allah alone and they will also lose their kingship, as it is known Allah use shehu and his people to establish an Islamic state. 
It is unfortunate, how the colonialists came and changed everything by killing our grandparents  just to achieve their goals. But after some years Allah have another blessings for us, who is here to revive what shehu have left this society on. And from the beginning of this struggle govement have try and are steel trying to stop it, but a time will come when this struggle will finally succeed with the help of Allah. 
Sheikh Lazare from Niger was also invited to the podium he talked about how  colonialist have use sardauna to hide some teachings of shehu, he did so by collecting the copies that are with people promising to bring back 50 copies to those who gave it for free, 30 copies those who lend theirs and 20 copies to who ever sold theirs,  so people gathered all the books with them and gave them to him but up to date that promise was not fulfilled. The same thing with what happens to the hadith of our noble prophet by the first caliph, when he gather and born them to ashes. 
Ardos (Fulani’s chiefs) have also speak among  them are Ardo ummaru from Jigawa and Ardo Danejo.  The closing prayer was held by sheikh Zakzaky and a funeral prayer was performed to a member of Islamic Movement that died in a car accident on his way back from Zaria